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Course Length
Typical course length:
• 30 hours per level (classes are usually
2 hours each)

We also offer packages of:
• 20 hours
• 50 hours
• 100 hours
(with discounted rates)
Spanish Lessons in Melbourne from Language Trainers
One-to-One Business
Spanish Course in Melbourne

For Business Spanish, our courses cover the general aspects of the language but with a strong focus on what you need in the world of business. This includes greeting people, etiquette of the country, writing and reading skills. These courses are ideal for people who need Spanish for import or export, who work in international organisations, for academics who need to read, write or give lectures in Spanish, or for those who need to negoatiate in Spanish. Complete Beginners, can expect to take an initial course and be confident in their telephone and email skills by the end as well as being ready to take that step towards their first business trip to Spanish speaking countries.


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