Business Language Classes

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Course Length
Typical course length:
• 30 hours per level (classes are usually
2 hours each)

We also offer packages of:
• 20 hours
• 50 hours
• 100 hours
(with discounted rates)
Italian Lessons in Brisbane from Language Trainers
One-to-One Business
Italian Course in Brisbane

If you need to learn a language for travel or personal reasons, our General Italian Courses are ideal for you. We offer courses at all levels. For Complete Beginners, you can take a course in Survival Italian which will prepare you for a short trip to a foreign country or help you make contact with Italian speakers in your own community. For people at a higher level, we develop the course based on your particular needs. These courses are ideal for students wishing to travel, with Italian speaking partners or spouses or those wishing to pass a particular Italian examination.


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