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German Facts
100 million
speakers worldwide
Family: Anglo-Saxon
It's 10th most spoken language in the world
Spoken in:

German lessons in Cairns

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German Information

With the help of a qualified, native speaker German teacher provided by Language Trainers, you can soon join the 135 million people worldwide who can speak German. Our tutors can meet you at your home or place of work and at a time convenient to you. Language Trainers will arrange all course materials. Classes can be held as one-to-one sessions or in a private group, and the course can be personally tailored to meet your language requirements.

All took German courses with
Siemens Medical
Commonwealth Bank
Wombat Mining

Everything is fine! Patricia is a great teacher and I am enjoying the lessons.

Antonio Coppola Office of the Defence Attache, Italian Embassy , taking English classes in Canberra
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German Facts
German is the official language in how many countries: 3 countries
Famous German writers: Herman Hesse, Friedrich Nietzsche, Franz Kafka
German is regulated by: Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung (Council for German Orthogaphy)
Country with most German as a native language speaker: Germany
How do I say Good bye in German: Aufwiedersehen
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