In-Company Language Classes for Public
and Private Organisations of All Sizes

Language Trainers is a world-class language provider that specialises in finding the perfect teacher for you so you can study the language of your choice anytime, anywhere. Our native tutors will come to your offices whenever suits you best, be it weekdays or weekends and at a convenient schedule for you or your employees. In addition to face-to-face courses, we offer online classes for groups of up to 8 people.

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Business Private Classes

Our Business Private Classes are the best choice for learners who don’t have a lot of spare time to study and need to focus their instruction on their specific needs to advance as quickly as possible. Our individual lessons also offer flexibility in case the student needs to cancel and reschedule with short notice. For instance, if your class is on a Wednesday, you only need to let your teacher know you won’t be present on the Monday before

Business Group Classes

In case your employees have similar levels of proficiency and needs, they can take a group course. In this way, nobody will feel the lessons are advancing too fast or too slow. The maximum number of students in a group we recommend is eight to ensure all the participants receive the feedback and attention they deserve.

Custom-made Language Level Test

We also offer completely custom personalised level tests so you can assess the language skills of your team in the most accurate way. For this, our IT department will design a test free of charge and without any purchase commitments. After your employees take the test, our Academic Team will review the results and will make recommendations as to what type of course your employees should take

Ask us about a personalised level assessment for your organization.

Make-up classes

At Language Trainers, we understand that sometimes the learner may need to be absent from a group lesson. In those cases, we offer several options to make up for that particular class. You can either let the teacher know in advance so they can record the lesson for later review, or we can arrange make-up classes billed at the end of the course. Another option is for your employee to take an online lesson from anywhere they are so they don’t fall behind with the programme.

Loyalty Rates

If you are thinking of booking three or more different courses with us (no matter if they are online, face-to-face or hybrid), you’ll enjoy Loyalty Rates which we will propose after you submit your enquiry. We have lessons available to suit any linguistic requirement, from learning the basics and survival phrases to abilities that will help you get by in a business environment (speaking on the phone, negotiating a salary raise, addressing your managers or co-workers and so on).

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Personalised Courses

All of our programmes are completely tailor-made and personalised to suit the needs of the individual or group. After a detailed needs assessment carried out at the beginning of the course (and after analysing the results of your employees’ level tests), our tutors will prepare a syllabus that will cover not only grammar and vocabulary but also essential pronunciation aspects while developing students’ productive and receptive skills. In addition to your language abilities, our teachers take your learning style and preferences into account when designing the programme. If you prefer to study your target language with music and poetry, for example, just let your tutor know! Before starting the course, we will send you a detailed profile so you can get to know the instructor beforehand and know more about their experience and certifications.

Monitor employees’ progress

If you want to be informed about your team’s progress at all times, you can monitor their attendance, progress and performance by using our Client Control Centre. It’s easy to use and you can contact our agents in case you have doubts about any of its features.

Please see our Global Client List to see which organizations we have taught in which cities and by industry sector. You can also view hundreds of Client Testimonials and dozens of Case Studies to see the excellent feedback our clients are constantly giving us. We can also send you client references you can personally contact; these are from world-class organizations who have booked multiple courses over many years for their employees, often for different languages in different locations.

To find more about the best method of language learning for your staff and to set up your own, no-commitment, language level tests for your organization, please contact us here.

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Client Case Studies

“Language Trainers is very quick to respond to enquiries and keeps you up to date on when you will receive your lessons. This makes them a very easy company to deal with”

Katie Taylor, Learning Korean to get her dream job

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