Frequently Asked Questions

1Are your teachers properly qualified to teach?

Yes, all of our trainers are native speakers. In addition, each teacher either holds a degree in the language taught or other internationally-recognised qualification for teaching their native language. Many have both.

2How many sessions am I likely to need?

Learning a new language depends almost entirely on the student, so this answer can vary. Using our experience as a benchmark, most students beginning with no prior knowledge reach a beginner's conversational level after 15 sessions of 2 hours each. Let us know your specific needs and we can offer you a more accurate estimate.

3How do I work out my language level?

In your first session, your tutor will give you an initial assessment. Our company also provides free, online language level tests so you can see how good your language skills anytime you please.

4Is it possible to take just one class on a trial basis, to see how I get on?

No, however in special circumstances we can attempt to make an exception. Contact us if you feel this is absolutely necessary for you or your company.

5What if I don't get on with my teacher?

Although this is very rare, we acknowledge that this can happen. Should you not like your teacher, contact us and we can arrange another teacher for you. You won't be charged for the first session and, should we not be able to find a substitute, you will receive a full refund.

6Can I pay in instalments, or do I need to pay in advance?

Upon booking a course, you make a commitment for the entirety of the program. Although we send an invoice for the total amount, the full payment is not required up front. We do, however, require a $550 deposit, payable by bank transfer or credit card. Subsequently, the total balance on the invoice must be settled within 2 weeks.

7Do I have to add tax to your prices?

No, there are no hidden sales or value-added taxes. The price we quote is the price you pay.

8Are the courses certified? Will I receive a certificate?

At the end of your course you will receive a Certificate of Completion, detailing what you studied, for how many hours, and your final level. While our courses are not accredited by any university or similar institution, we can help prepare you for accredited exams if needs be by dedicating a portion of your course to exam prep.

9What is the maximum class size?

This is entirely your decision, as we can appreciate that the more people there are in the class, the lower the cost for each person. However, it's important to note that the more people there are in each session, the more it hampers each person's progress, as the teacher's time will be spread between more people during class. We do not recommend more than 12 people per class. Additionally, each student should be approximately the same level of expertise in the language, and classes can only be cancelled or rescheduled if all students are unable to be there.

10What happens if I need to reschedule classes?

If you need to change the day or time of your class, you can do this directly with the trainer. We only ask you to give 2 or more business days’ notice (e.g. to change a class on a Thursday, let the teacher know on the Tuesday before).

11What happens if I need to cancel my course?

If you are unable to continue your course, you will receive a full refund minus the hourly cost of any classes already taken (including late cancellations); the cost of any course books already purchased on your behalf; a cancellation fee of $550.

12Can I have online lessons if I purchased a face-to-face course (and vice versa)?

It is not a problem to organise the occasional online lesson (via WhatsApp, Skype or similar) if you cannot attend a face-to-face class because of extenuating circumstances, and it is enough to let your course coordinator know of the situation and organise the class separately with your tutor.

However, changing to a permanent online course from a face-to-face one must be communicated with us directly, so we can facilitate the necessary restructuring of the course. This may include finding a new teacher, who might be located in a different location to you, although we will endeavour to find one in the same time zone.

CORONAVIRUS: Due to the pandemic, we would like all customers to know that if they or their tutors are required to isolate or test positive, or if their city goes into a temporary lockdown, they can switch from face-to-face classes to online lessons AT ANY TIME – this will ensure continuity with the classes. Our Academic Department will do everything to ensure a smooth transition to remote study, including supplying digital learning materials and assisting with technical support, and securing a replacement teacher in the event your current tutor cannot provide online lessons.

13Have a question that wasn't answered here?

Contact our team via our quick enquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



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