Language Courses Pricing from..
  • AU$10.50 (Online Group)
  • AU$32.50 (Private Online)
  • AU$49.00 (Face to Face)
Contact us for prices specific to you We will be pleased to send you a quote within one working day of your enquiry.

As experienced language teachers (and learners) ourselves, we know that time is every bit as precious as money. For this reason, our language trainers are flexible and will take classes in the evening or on the weekend to suit your needs. If you need to change time of the class or take a break, you only need to give 2 working days notice.

We organize language course materials and arrange for your trainer to come to your home or office, meaning that your valuable time is not spent traveling to class. You can also have lessons at your trainer’s office if you prefer. We can provide as much or as little self-study homework as you want at no extra charge, so you can continue learning language outside of the classroom. Our team comprised of Academic Advisors and fully-qualified trainers is able to offer you a course entirely designed around your linguistic needs and learning preferences. You will also be able to learn at your own pace. This reduces the time you need to invest in order to achieve a certain linguistic goal.

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Face to Face (at your office or home)
10 hours AU$990 (AU$99/hour) AU$505 (AU$50.50/hour)
20 hours AU$1580 (AU$79/hour) AU$880 (AU$44/hour)
30 hours AU$2070 (AU$69/hour) AU$1170 (AU$39/hour)
50 hours AU$2950 (AU$59/hour) AU$1775 (AU$35.50/hour)
100 hours AU$4900 (AU$49/hour) AU$3250 (AU$32.50/hour)
Extra Student (2 to 4) (AU$10/hour) (AU$6.50/hour)
Extra Student (5+) (AU$5/hour) (AU$6.50/hour)
New Zealand


Face to Face (at your office or home)
10 hours NZ$1060 (NZ$106/hour) NZ$540 (NZ$54/hour)
20 hours NZ$1720 (NZ$86/hour) NZ$940 (NZ$47/hour)
30 hours NZ$2280 (NZ$76/hour) NZ$1260 (NZ$42/hour)
50 hours NZ$3300 (NZ$66/hour) NZ$1900 (NZ$38/hour)
100 hours NZ$5600 (NZ$56/hour) NZ$3500 (NZ$35/hour)
Extra Student (2 to 4) (NZ$10/hour) (NZ$6.50/hour)
Extra Student (5+) (NZ$5/hour) (NZ$6.50/hour)

Prices are for major languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian and French); for other languages prices might be slightly higher. Face to Face: Language Trainers typical prices shown are per hour and are typically based on a two-hour (120 minutes) lesson for a course of 100 hours (50x2-hour lessons). All face-to-face prices are subject to GST @10%. Usually, our trainer's travel costs are included in the price where the training takes place in the city centre and is within walking distance of public transport. For other locations, prices may be slightly higher. We recommend that you purchase a course book which will cost around AU$70 per participant (your trainer will advise the best book to buy). For corporate clients, please ask about our course book service. Note: Our prices shown here are only for guidance and might vary depending on the type of language needed (e.g. Business language usually costs slightly more than General language). Please contact us for a precise quotation.”

*Skype Classes: No hidden costs: no course books, no travel costs, no phone charges.

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