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We offer foreign language courses (or English courses for those from overseas) all over Australia and New Zealand. Our usual clients are businessmen and women, as well as people who have to extend, enhance or hone their language skills to perfection, whether for business, travel or academic purposes.

Head Office

From our HQ, we are able to direct all language courses across Australia and New Zealand, arranging lesson location, billing, as well as administration and teacher staffing thanks to our constantly-updated database of native-speaking qualified language teachers.


Our teachers are all hired locally, so if you want to take, say, a German course in Melbourne, your teacher will live in Melbourne or close by. All teachers have criminal background checks run on them and their references and qualifications are always verified. We only hire teachers who are knowledgeable and have a passion for teaching. Occasionally, if we are unable to find a local native-speaking teacher of your chosen language, we can offer sessions from a non-native teacher, but only if they have native speaker level in the language they will teach.


The directors of Language Trainers have experience in all facets of the language learning industry, from several thousand hours of teaching to running entire schools. They are also linguaphiles themselves, and between them they speak a wide variety of languages.

Company Information

Language Trainers is a trading name of Brighton Early Ltd (registered in England and Wales as Company No. 4900290 and VAT No. 866780964).


Alexis Sheldon, MA, Cert. TEFL

A Cambridge University graduate (BA Hons Social & Political Science), Alexis speaks English, fluent Russian and Portuguese, good French, Italian, and Spanish, and elementary Mandarin Chinese and Hebrew. A qualified TEFL teacher, Alexis also holds an MA in Tourism Management from Brighton University.

Alexis has over 20 years teaching experience in schools from Israel to Ukraine and was previously responsible for the corporate training division of a leading UK language school. His other projects include Translation Central, a translation services agency and Fast Lane SEO, a multilingual SEO agency.

Jon Pokroy, BA, Dip. TEFL
Academic Director

A Cambridge University graduate (BA Hons Philosophy), Jon is also an experienced English teacher, having worked in Spain, Germany and London for over 16 years. Jon speaks English, and fluent German and Spanish. Jon holds a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the world renowned International House training center in London.

Jon has run training for executives in English for Specific Purposes and producing courses for Specific Purposes for corporations, universities and the British Council. Jon has also worked as an examiner for the British Council.

Richard Sheldon, MA, MBA

Richard brings more than 25 years of experience in finance, capital raising and strategy to Language Trainers. He has held management and CFO positions in both private and public companies including ECONnergy Energy Company, Concrete Inc., Weatherford Global Compression Services and ContextWeb. He is currently also the CFO at Complex Media. In addition, Richard was a business development executive at GE Capital and a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company. Richard started his career at Arthur Andersen in London where he became a Chartered Accountant. Richard holds an MA from Oxford University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Our Team

Alexis Sheldon CEO
Jon Pokroy Academic Director
Richard Sheldon CFO
Natalia Taylor Sales Supervisor
Barbara Fuhr Sales Executive
Irina Nofenko Sales Executive
Julia Derbule Sales Executive
Luciana Alberico Sales Executive
Rachel Abad Sales Executive
Angelo Marimla Sales Executive
Medana Loczi Sales Executive/Course Coordinator for Germany
Carolina Scruzzi Sales Executive/Course Coordinator
Relationship Managment
Ariadna Escobedo Course Coordinators Supervisor
Mariana Sosa Course Coordinator
Paula Pinal Course Coordinator
Agostina Dimaio Course Coordinator
Daniela Todinca Course Coordinator
Florencia Casero Course Coordinator
Maria Jesus Vega Course Coordinator
Julieta Dimaio Course Coordinator
Flora Hanks Course coordinator
Sofia Cubido Course coordinator
Ian Quiroga Course coordinator
Catherine Fulco Course Coordinator
Teacher Recruitment
Carla Filippini Teacher Recruitment Supervisor
Valeria Almeida Teacher Recruitment Assistant
M. Emilia Pérez I. Teacher Recruitment Assistant
Victoria Traverso TR coordinator
Academic Department
Mariana Serb Academic Adviser
Jenny McAleer Academic Advisor Assistant
Financial and HR
Ellis David Rosen Financial Controller
Gabriela Pascuali HR Coordinator
Karissa Timpug Accounts Assistant
IT and Web Development
Nicolas Ferretti IT Manager
Maximiliano German Garbate Programmer
Pablo Herrera Hardoy Programmer
Ramiro Avalos Designer
Nicolás Solé Marketing Manager
Nahuel Sotelo Graphic Designer
Mariano Rebattini Capurro Language Agency Project Manager
Daniela Solis Writer & Editor
Onerio Neto Managing Editor Portuguese
Gaetan Ludon Community Manager
Romina Orell Online Marketing Assitant & Outreach
Dan Cross Managing Editor

Feedback and Suggestions

At Language Trainers we really care about what our clients and trainers have to say. We also care about your opinion even if you are just browsing our website for the first time.


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Worldwide Clients

Some of our clients include:

Took English Courses in Sydney

Took English Courses in Sydney

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”My instructor is fantastic and is very professional and thorough. She has a great grasp of English and Mandarin and has been very accommodating.”

James Russell Mandarin Chinese course in Canberra
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