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Our type of courses

We offer real-time, bespoke language courses by certified native-speaking teachers to busy students who desire flexibility and convenience. After all, this is the Information Age and with free and reliable online communication software, like WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or Google Meet, there is no reason we should not modernise how we teach languages, as well.

Using just your computer or mobile device, a stable internet connection and a webcam, you can attend one-to-one or group language courses from anywhere, learning from professional ateachers from all over the globe. All our online trainers are experts at teaching their native tongue to students of all ages and levels, with experience utilising internet resources and tools to create a productive and enjoyable virtual classroom.

Get in touch and tell us which language you want to learn and why and the time zone you live in, and we will find a skilled and adaptable trainer to design and teach you the perfect course to help you achieve your learning objectives.

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We also offer online closed group sessions for groups that go between 2 and 8 students.
All of the participants need to have a similar proficiency level to ensure nobody is left behind or feels bored in class.
If the levels are too different, we suggest splitting the group into smaller ones.
If you are not sure about your current level, don't worry: our Academic Department will assess yours before starting with the course. This service is free of charge. Get started with your group course!
Reach out to us and we will provide you with an exact quote, considering your needs and requirements.


Note: The prices above are for the most popular online language programmes (Spanish, French, Italian, English and German). The price of other language courses may vary slightly.
AUD$50.50 /HOUR




AUD$35.5 /HOUR


AUD$32.5 /HOUR



EXTRA STUDENT (2 or more): AUD$6.50 / HOUR

Testimonials from our students

“The French classes are so cool, the teacher is very enthusiastic and the classmates are cool too. The classes are well organized, we are moving fast and learning a lot.”

Leslie Moreno - French Online with Language Trainers Connect

“I am incredibly satisfied with the lessons. Everything is very well organized and thought out. I have no complaints.”

Ana Klicovak - German online with Language Trainers Connect

Why take an online language course with us?

  • Custom lessons based on your needs and goals
  • Fully adaptable timetable to suit your schedule
  • One-on-One or Small Group Study
  • Course completion certificate
  • No commuting: study from anywhere
  • Just one business day is required to schedule and rearrange classes
  • Accredited tutors who teach their native language and culture
  • Lessons can be 1, 1.5 or 2 hours in length
  • Online classes recorded for review later; ideal for students who miss a group lesson
  • Students of all ages and language abilities welcome



Would you like to study a language online with other like-minded learners from different parts of the world?

Check out our open group language lessons!

Our Tutors

Our tutors are not only certified language trainers with years of experience teaching individuals and small groups, but also they each teach their own native language, ensuring you benefit from cultural and regional pronunciation classes, as well.
Our online trainers are highly proficient at teaching online, utilising the best and most suitable internet resources to make learning as fun and interesting as possible. As there are no geographical boundaries to studying online, we will search through our database of more than 1,000 teachers to find the perfect one for you!


Flexible class times

No-one needs to commute for an online lesson, so our teachers are much more flexible when it comes to scheduling (and rescheduling) lessons. If you need a language programme where you can change the time and date of the next class with just one business day's notice, then enrol in our Online Course.

Equipment & Setting Up

To attend your online lessons, you simply need a device capable of connecting to the internet with a stable connection and an attached or in-built webcam, such as a computer, tablet or phone. If you choose to take an individual course, we recommend using our own web-conferencing software, powered by Skype. But if you choose to enrol in a group course, or would like to use different software, then alternative platforms can be accommodated, like Zoom , Google Meet or WhatsApp.

If you have never used web-conferencing software before and want help setting up your equipment, or would like to test everything to make sure it is all working before your first class, just let us know and we will arrange for our friendly technical team to contact you.

Our web conferencing software is powered by Skype (for individual classes); for group classes, we have different options available. This state-of-the-art voice conferencing software allows you to feel like you are studying in a real classroom, from the comfort of your own home. Talk with your trainer as though you are in the same room and learn your desired language from anywhere.

Ongoing Feedback & Dynamic Response

As with all Language Trainers courses, you are not only assigned a world-class language tutor, but also a dedicated course coordinator to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions about your course, teacher or the content you are covering, your coordinator will ensure any issues are resolved as quickly as possible and that you are always progressing towards accomplishing your personal targets.
An added benefit of our Online Courses is that all lessons are recorded and you can watch them back later. This means you can revisit tricky material or watch a group lesson that you may have missed, and your teacher can look back over your lessons and adjust the content to better suit your learning pace and progress.


Simply contact us by sending us an enquiry with as much detail as possible, including the language you are looking to learn, any specific requirements, whether you want to learn alone or as part of a small group, etc.
To postpone and rearrange lessons: Contact your teacher and course coordinator at least one working day before the lesson is scheduled to take place. Notice received within one working day is considered a late cancellation and the class will be recorded as having happened.

To cancel a course: We will refund you your course fee, minus a cancellation fee of AUD$550 and the hourly cost of any classes already taken.
No. Our online lessons are held using Zoom, Skype, Hangouts or a similar technology, and they are all free to download and use.
Using a webcam or other camera is not a requirement to enrol in an online course, although we strongly advise it. Teachers and students who can see each other are more likely to enjoy more engaging and natural conversations. Either way, your tutor will activate their camera, so you can see them, read their lips and body language and view any materials they use to teach the lessons.
Definitely. Just send us an enquiry or contact your course coordinator and our technical team will be in touch to help you get everything set up.
A textbook can be an excellent way to complement and structure your language learning. Your teacher may recommend one to you, or we can provide you with some appropriate options otherwise. However, a textbook is not essential and is not a requirement to complete your course. Therefore, we will not refund any textbooks you decide to purchase.
No, we are upfront about our prices and do not exclude any hidden fees in our quotes.
Navigate to our free online Language Level Tests to know your current level. They only take a few minutes to complete and will instantly tell you your proficiency. Alternatively, if we do not have a test for the language you intend to learn, let us know and we will arrange a private assessment.
General Courses: learn general language reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to communicate in most common scenarios.
Specific-Purpose Courses: focus on learning vocabulary and practising conversations in highly specific circumstances, such as buying a property overseas or receiving medical attention in a foreign country.
Business Courses: study, practise and prepare language skills specific to your professional industry and goals.

However, whichever course structure you choose, your teacher and course coordinator will ensure it is perfectly tailored to your goals and requirements.
Tell your teacher that you would like them to adapt the course content to suit your level. If they struggle to do this sufficiently, ask your course coordinator to intervene.
Firstly, speak with your course coordinator, who will attempt to resolve any problems. If this is not possible, we will find a suitable replacement.
Every teacher at Language Trainers has a university-level degree or a teaching qualification in the language they teach, their native language. We also ask that our teachers have at least two years' experience teaching face-to-face and/or online lessons.
Organic learning is a method of language study whereby you hear as much of the language while doing all manner of other activities to help you more quickly and readily absorb the vocabulary, sentence structure and pronunciation. For this reason, we encourage our teachers to speak the language as much as possible in every lesson.

However, there may be occasions when you might want to speak with a teacher in your own language. To ensure this is possible, please tell us when booking your course.
No, your teacher will provide all the digital resources you need by sending them to you before or during a lesson. You may want to bring a pen and paper if that helps you remember things, but you will also have access to the recorded lessons to review later. Your tutor should not ask you purchase anything for your lessons; if they do, speak with your course coordinator.
Yes, you will receive homework. Your lesson time is limited and it is important to expose yourself to the language as regularly as possible. Homework may mean anything from completing exercises from class to watching a film in the target language.
Yes, absolutely. Just tell us the name and contact details of your sponsor and we will reach out to them to arrange the payment. We will confirm your course once the invoice has been accepted and paid.
Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion in your final class.
You can send us an enquiry with your questions. One of our dedicated team will respond as soon as possible.