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Read why our clients recommend Language Trainers. Check out their testimonials below!

”Silvia is such a beautiful teacher – thank you. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all you help getting me started with my Italian. I’m loving it!!!”

Louisa Haynes Italian course in Sydney, Coordinator, IPDA

”Everything is fine. Patricia is a great teacher and I am enjoying the lessons, I have the course material as well.”

Antonio Coppola English course in Canberra, Office of the Defence Attache, Italian Embassy

”The first two classes I’ve had have been great! Liliana my trainer has been very organized and knowledgeable. I have no doubt that I’ll learn a lot with her.”

Christina Cavaco Portuguese course in Sydney, Marketing Coordinator, Toys R Us

”The courses are going really well with Susan. Very enjoyable and beneficial. We have a few more sessions left and I am looking at courses beyond that as well.”

Craig Ypinazar Spanish course in Perth, Head of Systems, Processes & Analytics (HR), BHP Billiton

”Nico was fantastic. Great with the kids and very patient. I would definitely recommend him for future tutoring; he's a natural teacher.”

Nicole Ryan French course in Brisbane

”My lessons went very well. My teacher, Veronica, quickly determined what level I am at and continued our session at that appropriate level. She is energetic and has a very good style that keeps one interested and engaged.”

Afra Famili Spanish course in Brisbane, Bechtel

”My Spanish lessons are going well and I’m very happy with my tutor, Patricia. I am already thinking of enrolling in the intermediate Spanish course next year!”

Tony Rovira Spanish course in Perth, Managing Director, Azure Minerals Ltd

”I can't thank my teacher, Maria Clara, enough for all that she taught me. It will be invaluable when I move to Chile.”

Amanda Walters Spanish course in Brisbane, Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer, Sedgman Limited

”Everything is going very well indeed. I'm delighted with the course and the teacher, Paula.”

Peter Read Spanish course in Canberra

”The German lessons were fantastic and our teacher was sensational!”

Kate Waters / Jumbo Interactive Limited German course in Brisbane, Jumbo Interactive Limited

”I liked that Language Trainers was a professional tutoring service that could come to my home for classes.”

Sharyn Clark Spanish course in Brisbane

”My first lesson was great! Thanks a lot.”

Heike Eichenberg English course in Auckland

”Training structure was customized for my need of flexibility wiith the change of content for whenever my focus shifted which made the lessons more interesting for me.”

Steven Wong English course in Sydney, IMC Pacific Pty Limited

”Evgeniya is an excellent teacher, on top of being always on time, she’s very committed to make me progress, very dedicated as a teacher (does not cut any slack and expect homework to be done) and extremely patient with my super slow reading/limited understanding. I must admit it’s a very difficult language to learn, needs a lot of work on my side and having Evgeniya on a daily basis adds the necessary “pressure”. I would definitely recommend Evgeniya to anyone looking for a Russian teacher.”

Lisa Brack Russian course in Perth, Total

”Everything is going very well with Nasser, he has structured our lessons so that we learn how to construct correct sentences, not just learn some phrases. Very happy.”

Tom McClelland French course in Cairns

”Just to confirm that today was our last class in our 20 hour Arabic course. We were very happy with the service provided by the Language Trainers and in particularly our trainer. He is very professional and friendly. We are going to the Middle East in March and then again later in April/May so will be good to practice what we have learnt. Maybe later in the year we will do another block of 20 hours of Arabic, but it would have to be with Haysam as our teacher.”

Sacha Bunnik Arabic course in Adelaide, Bunnik Tours

”We are really enjoying our lessons. The teacher is great and is really challenging us with where we need to start learning from and I personally feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence with the language already in the two lessons we have done. She has been absolutely wonderful and is flexible around scheduling our classes to fit in with 5 people (which is no easy feat). She is also a very patient and caring teacher who really takes her time to ensure that we are all learning correctly and at the level we are at. I cannot speak highly enough of her.”

Amy Hall Italian course in Gold Coast

”I'm loving the lessons and feel that the trainer pitches them at exactly the right level, hard enough to be challenging but not so hard that it becomes overwhelming. Thanks!”

Kate Starre Spanish course in Perth

”My Dutch lessons are going well. Claudia is an excellent teacher. She not only has a great understanding of the language but also the history and culture of the Netherlands which makes our lessons quite fun. I have learnt so much. I will definitely be recommending Language Trainers to anyone in the future.”

Mitchell Boswel Dutch course in Darwin

”I love working with my instructor. She is patient and funny, entertaining, and a lovely human being. Thank you!”

Paul Cook French course in Gold Coast

”Adrian is an excellent teacher. He uses a combination of conversation, reading and writing, short videos and homework. We are currently working on the past tenses of verbs and conjugation which is challenging but his knowledge of grammar and ability to explain is excellent. Thanks!”

Luke O'Regan Spanish course in Gold Coast

”I’ve spoken with some of the participants and they are happy with the content/structure of the program. We are content with the service provided by Language Trainers currently and are very happy also with the Trainer.”

Deirdre Guirters Italian course in Melbourne

” My lessons have been outstanding. I'm enjoying the classes very much and Yoshiko-San is an excellent teacher. ”

Julio Costa Japanese course in Perth

”I am absolutely LOVING my Malaysian lessons. I have learnt so much already and my teacher is fabulous. She is extremely thorough and also presents challenging course content which I really enjoy. The lessons are fun and dynamic so I’m never bored or feel like I’ve had enough – in fact the 2 hours fly by. She also teaches me a lot about the culture, which has been invaluable to my knowledge and understanding of Malay business standards. Thanks, Language Trainers!”

Georgia Roberts Malay course in Sydney

”Thank you for the English course I have had with Language Trainers. All my needs have been met and I feel I am on the right track now. I have been pleased to recommend Language Trainers to my friends who needed to improve their English and I am sure they will benefit from the course. I think my teacher did a great job and I am more confident with my English now.”

Nikita Iulchenko English course in Canberra

”The lessons are great and our my teacher is very patient. I am really loving learning the language. I chose this provider because you were one of the only ones in Brisbane who provided individual lessons and it was a good decision.”

Kylee Kenn Italian course in Brisbane

”I had an excellent learning experience with my teacher and am very pleased with Language Trainers!”

Matthew House Vietnamese course in Sydney

”I am very happy with my lessons.  My teacher is a very kind man and his methods are helping me make good progress.  He is patient with my situation in looking after a newborn which I also appreciate greatly.  I would highly recommend.”

Amy Wing Arabic course in Adelaide

”My teacher is all I had hoped for: intelligent, resourceful, supportive and creative.  It has been a very fruitful course.”

Lata Mayer Italian course in Adelaide

”I have been enjoying my lessons and very happy with things to date. I am very satisfied with the course. My teacher has been providing me with course materials and adapting the lessons to my progress as we go along. It is just making time to practice, practice, practice!”

Gareth Dyson Afrikaans course in Wellington

”The course is fantastic and our teacher is excellent. I've learned so much already. It's great to have the insight of a native speaker. I would recommend Language Trainers to anyone.”

Andrew Fitzgerald Russian course in Canberra, Defence Government

”I wish to say that I have had the greatest pleasure of being taught Deutsch by my lovely instructor, and would highly recommend her for any future positions she holds. The lessons were very involving and covered a wide basis from the alphabet, animals, fruits/ vegetables, to structuring short- and medium-length sentences. Whilst I still need to practice a little I am confident that the training was what I hoped it would be.    Thank you for the opportunity to learn German through your company. I would love to praise the efforts and abilities of my instructor who took the lessons to great lengths to incorporate various learning strategies and types for my lessons. ”

Jay Dipalo German course in Wollongong

”I am very happy with my course. The content and the speed at which everything is being delivered is great and my teacher is brilliant.”

Sam Green Japanese course in Perth

”We found out about courses through research on the internet and we chose Language Trainers because it is a professional service. Our lessons are going well and our teacher is highly recommendable. We would recommend you to anyone we know looking to learn a new language.”

Jason Tolhurst Mandarin Chinese course in Darwin

”I have nothing but the fullest l praise for my teacher. The experience of one-on-one teaching with her has proven to be a most rewarding experience. I look forward with anticipation to each and every lesson. I would have no hesitation in recommending Language Trainers to anyone wishing to learn Mandarin.”

Tom Bryson Mandarin Chinese course in Canberra

”So far the classes are going really well. My teacher is great and I think has a good understanding of my level.”

Jessica Seitz German course in Newcastle

”The lessons are going great! Our teacher is truly amazing. She's excellent at keeping us on track with the course work, but also answering all our questions and keeping us engaged. Both of us are very happy with our progress.”

Aaryn Heinrich Japanese course in Canberra

”Our teacher is really good and we feel lucky to have her. We have learnt so much already.”

Stephanie Radonich Croatian course in Perth

”Our Italian lessons are going well. With our great, patient teacher we have learned a lot already.”

Christine Kibble Italian course in Newcastle

”We are very satisfied with our classes. The teacher targeted topics that are relevant to us on top of the basics. The speed is good and definitely, we feel more confident after zero in Russian. He is creative in his way of teaching and that made learning more interesting to us. Occasionally, he will add in Russian social media, songs, news and even cartoons in his teaching. We enjoyed it a lot! As we are now getting ready to be mobilised to Kazakhstan for working in coming weeks, we definitely think signing up for this language lesson is a good choice and had helped us prepare the understanding of the culture and the lifestyle that we will be expecting when we are there. Thank you!”

Angela Yap Russian course in Perth

”The classes are great and the teacher takes care that everyone participates.”

Lakshmi Saljit Spanish course in Canberra

”We are quite happy with the course so far and the schedule is working well. There is good communication from the tutor and we're able to openly ask questions and ask to focus/review material which makes it a much better learning experience for the both of us.”

Lisa Betts Korean course in Melbourne

”My lessons are going great. I started off with foreign language anxiety but my teacher taught me well and encouraged me not to be scared about making mistakes or that my accent wasn't perfect. The fact that I had minimal knowledge of Japanese before my approx. 3 month course makes it amazing that I can already talk to my partner in his language and read nearly 100 characters! Online classes have been great because travelling to study with my full time job would have been exhausting.”

Bianca Elford Japanese course in Geelong

”My teacher has been very accommodating with my FIFO schedule to try and fit the lessons in. The content and speed of the course is great with areas I am finding difficult being worked on and areas that are not so hard spending less time on to work on the difficult areas more. I have found this to be extremely valuable as a FIFO worker as it means I can study while away at work.”

Jason Steele Russian course in Perth

”The English courses are very good and my teacher is very good who takes times to explain and to answer all my questions! I have nothing to say except just thank you!”

Antonin Mazard English course in Dunedin

”The English lessons for my husband and aunt is very good. My husband is now able to understand basic English. The English teacher we have is excellent.”

Edna Tan English course in Darwin

”My son's Chinese is progressing nicely and his teacher is excellent. Thanks!”

Justine Gough Mandarin Chinese course in Canberra

”Our teacher is so great. Lessons with her have been fantastic and very interesting. The two hours are varied so we don't feel overloaded each lesson. She is also very flexible and happy to take us for a “real world” experience like going shopping at a Korean store and eating at Korean restaurants. That is very helpful for us to practice our language skills in real time. We are very greatful to have her as our teacher.”

Stephanie Goodlad Korean course in Perth, Commercialisation Manager | Technology, RealNames

”I was very impressed with Language Trainer's website. We have had two lessons so far and they are going very well. Our teacher is very knowledgeable and is patient with me which is excellent and her lessons are structured and she knows what she wants to teach. Thanks!”

Matt Costalos Greek course in Adelaide

”I need to learn Korean for my career and my course has been great. The instructor is patient and helpful.”

Xueping Wang Korean course in Gold Coast

”On the first day, my teacher brought a variety of materials to assess my level and see what type of areas I wanted to focus on. From then on we discussed what I wanted to do in each following lesson and she even went out of her way and brought material that I hadn't thought of that proved incredibly relevant and useful for me. She asks what I would like to focus on in each lesson and she is great for allowing me to go at my own pace, or switch things between conversation and reviewing the material.”

Alicia Partridge Japanese course in Sydney

”The lessons are going very well and I’m happy with my teacher. Thank you!”

Charmaine Boston Mandarin Chinese course in Brisbane

”My daughter's Greek teacher has been wonderful and I hope to continue the lessons for her through Language Trainers throughout 2018.”

Gerry Georgatos Greek course in Perth

”The course is progressing at a very good pace. My Sensei provides answers to my many questions. She is extremely patient and understanding. The content is just right at the moment. I feel I am getting more confident speaking Japanese as the weeks progress.”

Brian South Japanese course in Cairns

”The lessons have been good so far and we are enjoying them thus far. The teacher has been a very good fit for us, providing us with a course book which we use every lesson.”

Trevor catalano German course in Sunshine Coast

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