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Open Group Arabic Courses

Here you can find a complete list of our open group Arabic courses. Choose the one that suits your needs and book your place.

Our courses have a limited number of places available and are offered on a rolling cycle. If you find the program is fully booked when trying to sign up, please come back soon!

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Important Course Facts.

  • Our course lasts 5 weeks and includes 15 hours of lessons.
  • Options for all Arabic levels available.
  • Experienced, native Arabic teachers.
  • Small & large groups.
  • Language & cultural exchange with other Arabic learners.
  • Receive a certificate of completion that shows your level.

Why Learn Arabic Today?

Modern Standard Arabic is used as a lingua franca in the 22 countries that form the Arabian Peninsula. So, if you are planning to enter the job or business market there, move to one of its nations in the near future, or simply want to be able to communicate with locals when traveling for tourism, you should start learning Arabic today! Even though the language can be a bit challenging for Arabic speakers to learn (you will have to acquire a new alphabet and get used to reading from right to left), our certified, experienced teachers will carefully design interesting group lessons, so you learn in a smooth, fun way.

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Benefits of an Open Group Arabic Course with Language Trainers Connect

Our online open group Arabic courses are an affordable and entertaining way to not only acquire an in-demand skill but to meet people from different places around the world.

All of our groups are structured by ability, so learners have the same level of proficiency and can improve alongside and learn from one another.

At Language Trainers, tutors are not only native speakers of Arabic, but also they are certified professionals with years of experience teaching the language to people of all ages and backgrounds. Thus, they are equipped with the knowledge and resources to make your lessons stimulating and interesting, so you always feel motivated to improve!

After 5 weeks, you will complete your course and receive a certificate that shows your language level. Would you like to know more about our open-group Arabic lessons? Send us a quick inquiry today.

Course Requirements

Don’t worry: you do not need any complicated software or advanced equipment to get started with Language Trainers Connect Open Group Arabic Courses. You will only need:

A desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

A stable Internet connection

Zoom: download and use for free


Abdelhady has taught Arabic and English to individuals and groups, both privately and in schools, since 2002. And he has taught Arabic online for Language Trainers since 2010. He is an expert at balancing the needs of the group with each individual’s specific learning challenges and interests. He strikes this balance by putting exciting debates and conversations front and center in his online lessons. Beginning with his passion for exercise, sport, travel, and foreign cultures, Abdelhady will encourage you to share your own interests with your classmates. By keeping the lessons focused on the topics you enjoy, you will not just gain confidence to speak in Arabic more quickly, but also learn the words and phrases most relevant to you. That’s not to say you will only spend your virtual lessons talking about hobbies and personal stories. With so much online teaching experience, and the support of the Language Trainers team, Abdelhady has a wealth of digital learning resources he will bring to your classes. Working alone, in teams, or as a whole group, you will complete exercises and develop your Arabic by interacting with online tools and games, watching clips from Arabic-language movies and TV series, and listening to audio files and music. Abdelhady’s teaching approach makes learning fun; encourages you to bond with your classmates, so you are more likely to practice your Arabic together outside of lessons; and allows you to pick up other knowledge subconsciously, such as common Arab expressions or pronunciations. Abdelhady has been formally recognized as an “excellent teacher” in his home country of Egypt on multiple occasions, and former Language Trainers clients have described him as “knowledgeable” and “flexible.” One thing that makes Abdelhady such an outstanding teacher, besides his years in the classroom, is that he is also a brilliant student. He understands how the learning process varies for different people because he has studied languages and education all over the world. He earned his diploma in Egypt; developed his tutoring skills in the UK; and qualified for his 150-hour TESOL certificate in the USA. And in addition to his Arabic and English credentials, he speaks French to an intermediate level. So, he has a wide understanding of languages in general and how they relate to one another. This will serve your Language Trainers Connect group well, as no matter where you and your classmates are from and what language you speak natively, Abdelhady will find ways to associate Arabic with your mother tongue.

Discover More About Our Arabic Courses

Private Courses

We also offer 100% tailor-made, private Arabic lessons for those with specific needs and requirements. Our instructors can design a syllabus to help you, for example, sit for an internationally accredited exam, get by during an upcoming visit an Arab country, or delve into Arab literature. Send us a quick inquiry and find out more about our private individual or closed-group (with up to 8 friends, family, or co-workers) sessions!