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Open Group Greek Courses

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Important Course Facts.

  • Get a certificate of completion
  • 5-week course
  • Every level of proficiency accepted
  • Native-speaking instructors
  • Flexible syllabus
  • Meet people from anywhere in the world

Why Learn Greek Today?

Acquiring Greek will open new professional and cultural doors for you, especially if you want to travel to Greece and have a much more enjoyable experience. Also, learning Greek is an excellent exercise for the brain, as you will be acquiring a whole new alphabet. Of course, learning Greek will also help you access Greek history and appreciate their rich, ancient culture. Plus, did you know that about 20% of the English vocabulary has Greek origin? Some examples are sarcasm, sycophant, phobia, and panic. So, learning Greek will also give you a better understanding of your own language.

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Benefits of an Open Group Greek Course with Language Trainers Connect

Our open group Greek courses are the best way to learn the language if you are looking for a communicative, multicultural approach!

You won’t be memorizing long lists of words or grammar rules. Instead, our certified instructors will prepare lessons around real-life materials, like TV shows, movies, and songs, so you are exposed to the language from the very first lesson and always feel motivated to learn!

Also, as you will be studying with partners of the same level of proficiency, you will practice different functions of the language (like greetings or requests), using Greek for true communication in a friendly, relaxed virtual environment.

After 5 weeks of studying and making international friends for life, the course will come to an end, at which point you will receive a certificate of completion that proves your level of Greek proficiency. Want to know more about the dynamics of our open group Greek lessons? Send us a quick inquiry.

Course Requirements

Take part in a Language Trainers Connect Open Group Greek Course with just a few things:

An electronic device (tablet, computer, smartphone).

A stable Internet connection

Zoom: download and use for free

Discover More About Our Greek Courses

Private Courses

If you have specific needs, preferences, or linguistic goals that have to be met in a short time, do reach out to us. Language Trainers also offers private Greek sessions completely tailored to your schedule and requirements. Whether you need to sit for an important exam in Greek, want to focus on learning the language for business, or you simply want to study alone or with people you know, we can help. Just consider that the maximum number of people per group is 8.