Language for Family

Want to connect with loved ones abroad? Or build relationships with foreign acquaintances? Check out our Language for Family and Relationships course, designed to help you achieve your desired level of foreign language fluency for your specific situation. All classes are with a native-speaking, qualified tutor and are tailor-made to fit your schedule.

Every person’s situation is different but there are many common elements when somebody is involved in a cross-language relationship. This often involves the need to communicate with in-laws, stepchildren and possibly immigration authorities where, in some cases, a formal language qualification is required. It might be that you want to be able to tell a joke in the foreign language to impress the in-laws at Christmas, or you may want to be able to follow a TV show from your partner’s native country. You may also want to search the internet for job opportunities in that language or just learn how to talk about your feelings in the target language.

The important thing here is that our trainers can help focus specifically in these areas that you need to know as well as on General language so that you get the most out of the limited time you have available to study.

We can also arrange language training for your spouse, partner, children or in-laws if you feel that they might need to learn English or any other language. Let us know what you think their needs might be so we can send you a quotation within one business day.

Let us know when you make your enquiry that you might require Family & Relationships training.

Interesting Language Facts
More than 50% of recruiters look for foreign language skills when hiring.
The language people speak shapes the way they see the world.

Case Studies: Clients

“I wanted to be taught by a real person and native Thai speaker as opposed to a computer program.”

Chris Foord Thai course in Amsterdam, , Chris’ Path to Fluency