Group Language Courses

We are able to offer both individual and group courses.

A group can be made up of any number of people, from only 2 people up to 12 per class.

Although we do not forbid tutoring groups of up to 16 for businesses with limited budgets, we do not as a rule recommend this in most circumstances, as in so large a class each student will not receive the personal attention they need to get the most out of the language learning.

While with individual courses the date and time of the next class can be settled at the end of the preceding class, group courses will usually be timetabled for a specific day and time each week, so that logistical difficulties can be avoided. The trainer and the entire group have to find a suitable time to meet each week.

For group tuition, there are two other imperatives to think about:

All those studying the language should be at around the same level of expertise. This does not apply so much for absolute beginners, but otherwise those with previous experience of the language will find the classes too slow, and those with no familiarity will be left behind and find it difficult to catch up. We have made a simple Online Level Test for the major languages on our site, so that we can easily test the language level of an organisation’s employees for this very reason.

Where there are those with more understanding of the language, we recommend separating the group into two or more smaller sets, so that every student is able to learn quickly and expediently in the time allotted to them.

If you would like an initial test scheduled for your employees, please contact us.

The second issue is that all students must have approximately the same needs and aims from the language, so that the topics covered will be appropriate for all. Generally this is something that will be gone over by our tutors in the first session, where those learning are encouraged to list their specific needs from learning the language. The learning plan for the remainder of the course is agreed by a consensus.

You can find more information about individual and group courses, as well as price lists on all our course and location pages.

Also note that we charge a little extra for group courses. This is because we need to organise materials for the course for everybody, and extra administrative work is required.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our courses or complete our Training Needs Analysis so we can send you a tailormade quotation for you or your organization.

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