Online Korean Language Level Test Total tests taken so far: 92869. Average score: 22/70

We have designed this test to assess your present Korean level. You will be presented with up to 70 questions in sets of 10. You can answer as few sets as you like but the more questions you answer, the more accurately we can evaluate your current language level.

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Test instructions

Questions cover a range of grammar and comprehension skills—including verb conjugation, prepositions, tense, etc.—and become progressively more difficult as you advance. Answers are presented in multiple-choice form. Choose the answer you believe to be correct for each question. Please do not guess as it might negatively influence your result. If you are unsure of a question, select “I don't know”.

After you have completed each set of 10 questions, you can request the next set by clicking “CONTINUE WITH 10 MORE QUESTIONS”. Or, if you want to end the test, click “Get My Test Results”. If you answer all 70 questions, you will only have the option to click “Get My Test Results” on the final page.

Getting your results

After ending the test and completing our short form, your results will display on your screen. You will receive one of the following language level ratings depending on the number of correct answers you submitted:

General levels

Average hours of study (One-to-One courses)
Average hours of study(Group Courses)
(You have zero to limited knowledge of the language)
(You understand some simple and common expressions and can interact at a basic level.)
30 50
(You can communicate generally about yourself and your background, and can use and understand phrases concerning areas of immediate relevance.)
50-80 80-100
(You can handle most situations that are likely to occur while travelling and can discuss conditional subjects, such as hopes, dreams, and desires.)
100-150 150-200
Upper Intermediate
(You understand the main points of abstract and technical subjects. You can discuss a range of topics and neither party will struggle with the communication.)
200-250 250-300
(You can connect complex ideas and communicate in professional and academic settings without obviously struggling.)
300-400 400-550

What to do with your results

Upon revealing your language level, we also show which questions you answered incorrectly. This is to make it easy for you to spot your mistakes and to improve. This will also be very useful for your Korean teacher if you decide to take a course with Language Trainers. (of course, you can also take your results and show them to any other Korean teacher too). To enquire about one of our language courses, contact us here.

Good luck and have fun!

1. 내 이름은 지윤 ______ . [ nai ee-reum-eun ji-yoon ________.]
I don't know
2. 그 남자는 25살 _______ . [ gue nam-ja-nun soo-mul da-sut-sal- ______.]
I don't know
3. 나는 어제 친구를 ______ . [ Nanun- Eaujai- Chingureul _________.]
만났어요[ man-nat-sau-yo]
먹었어요[ mu-gut-sau-yo]
I don't know
4. 리나는 내일 아침에 출장을 ______ . [le-na-nun nai-eel A-chim-ai chul-jang-eul_______.]
가다 [ ga-da]
갈 것이다[gal-gu-shida]
가는 중이다[ga-nun joong-ee-da]
I don't know
5. How do you say "15:30" in Korean?
삼시 삼십분[ sam-si sam-sip-boon]
세시 세십분[se-si se-sip-boon]
세시 삼십분[ se-si sam-sip-boon]
세시 세십분[ se-si se-sip-boon]
I don't know
6. What does '이모 [ee-mo] mean?
Father's brother
Father's sister
Mother's sister
Mother's brother
I don't know
7. How do you say " 마흔 여덟 [ma-hoon yo-dulb]" in Korean?
I don't know
8. 나는 달리기를 10년째 ______ .[na-nun dal-li-gi-ruel sip-nyon-jjai-________.]
하고 있어요 [ha-go-it-sau-yo]
하고 싶어요 [ha-go si-pu-yo]
했을 거에요 [hat-seul gu-ae-yo]
I don't know
9. 나는 여자친구와 자주 영화를 보러 ______ .[na-nun yo-ja-chin-gu-wa ja-ju young-hwa-ruel boru-________.]
간데요 [ gan-de-yo]
갔나봐요[ gat-na-ba-yo]
가요 [ ga-yo]
가는 중이에요[ ga-nun joong-ee-ae-yo]
I don't know
10. 눈이 언제부터 오기 시작했어요? [noo-niee un-jai-bu-tu ogi shi-jak-hat-sau-yo? ]
한 시간 후에요. [han-shi-gan hoo-ai-yo]
한 시간 전 부터 요[han-shi-gan jun-bu-tu-yo]
한 시간 이요[han-shi-gan ee-yo]
한 시간 동안이요[han-shi-gan dong-ahn-ee-yo]
I don't know