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Are you considering learning Norwegian but would like to know more about the language and what to expect? Perhaps you already speak a Germanic language and want to know if Norwegian is similar enough to begin a course? Or are you planning a visit to this fjord-filled country and want to prepare yourself by learning about the culture? We have created a short series of Norwegian Language Guide videos to introduce you to Norway, its people and what one can expect when learning this fascinating tongue.

Discover Norway

Norway is a country which intuitively conjures up images of Vikings in their longboats, the Northern Lights and jaw-dropping nature. Yet it is so much more, besides. Your expert language guide will give a short introduction to Norway and some of its most famous exports. For instance, it is the land which awards the Nobel Peace Prize, a nation famed for its successful sportsmen, artists, explorers and scientists and the birthplace of simple yet useful inventions, like the cheese slicer and the paperclip.

Communicating with Norwegians

Our videos will also give you a quick overview of the characteristics of Norwegian people and what to expect when speaking with them. While Norwegians can initially seem reserved and unwilling to socialise with strangers, they are deeply loyal once befriended. Thus, we recommend meeting people through work, a shared hobby or a mutual friend. And while English is common, Norwegians appreciate every effort to speak their language, whatever your proficiency level.

Learn about the Norwegian language

If you’re considering learning Norwegian, our expert guide also introduces the language itself. For instance, perhaps you knew Norwegian has additional letters in its alphabet,Æ, Ø and Ä. But do you know how to pronounce them? And while Norway is home to several regional districts, our videos explain why the spoken language of Standard Østnorsk means you probably won’t have much trouble being understood wherever you travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that it is normal to have enquiries before enrolling in any course. Our guide answers some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our Norway language courses. You’ll learn the estimated number of hours to reach survival proficiency and how many classes we recommend for full fluency. Your guide will explain why already knowing German, Dutch or another Germanic language is a big advantage. And we’ll give you insight into some common challenges while learning Norwegian.

Naturally, if you have a question that isn’t answered in our video series below, or would like to know more about the Norwegian course and how Language Trainers can help you, then get in touch today! We hope you enjoy them and wish a (“safe journey”) on your road to learning Norwegian.