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Being able to talk and write in a foreign language will only get you so far if you cannot understand others. As with any dialogue exchange, to successfully interact with someone speaking another language, you need to be able to know what they are saying.

Elementary level

The elementary listening test is for learners who comprehend their preferred language at a beginner level. The test is designed to assess each learner’s ability to identify important vocabulary, to understand simple, everyday exchanges and to comprehend a variety of speakers and accents. There are 12 sections in total where learners must listen to statements or scenarios and then either answer multiple-choice questions or match up audio files with the appropriate image or text description.

The listening test covers topics and vocabulary regarding family members, times of day, nationalities, hobbies, exchanges involving directions and ordering food and city locations. The majority of voice actors speak slowly and clearly, often as part of only short soundbites which directly address the test question. However, the final few sections involve more natural exchanges or lengthy monologues which require more concentration and a higher comprehension level.

Intermediate level

The intermediate listening test is for learners who comprehend their preferred language at a more advanced level. Unlike the elementary test, the intermediate test only has three sections. However, each section is more in-depth, with longer, more complex audio files to understand and a total of 30 questions to answer. As with much of the elementary test, the intermediate listening test answers are multiple-choice.

The intermediate test consists of someone describing the events of their weekend, a job interview between two people and a presentation. Unlike many of the audio files in the elementary test, the voice actors speak at a quicker pace which is more natural and typical of native speakers. The speech includes a lot of supplementary information, so test takers must concentrate on the parts relevant to the questions.

Tailored tests for your organization

If you want to gauge the listening level of a number of language learning employees or students, we can help! Contact us with your organization’s details and your language learning requirements, and we will build a FREE and tailored listening test for your entire business!

Without any charge or obligation to enroll on one of our courses, we will create a custom listening test which you can share with your language learning personnel. Each learner need only follow the custom URL, which we will send to you, and then complete the multiple-choice listening test at a time and place that is convenient to them and to you. After we have received everyone’s results, we will send you a summary of each individual’s current listening ability, with advice about how they can continue their learning even more effectively.

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Language Level Tests

Listening to foreign-language speakers is just one part of assessing your language ability. A key area to develop is grammar comprehension. These skills are essential for constructing meaningful sentences and phrases in both written and speech form, as well as to understand others. Discover your current capability with our FREE Language Level Tests.

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