Languages for Real Estate Buyers

Buying or selling property abroad? Check out our Language for Real Estate course. Our native-speaking, certified tutors will help you prepare for real estate transactions in a foreign language, all with classes designed to seamlessly fit your schedule!

If you are going to buy real estate in another country, that is probably one of the most important investments in your life and it would make perfect sense for you to know as much as the language as is feasible. This could include:

Reading basic property advertisements for when you do your basic research so that you won’t be limited to English-only websites. See what the locals are paying.
Understanding the legalese of contacts and small print and be able to do your own research into the laws and norms of the country you are buying into.
Learning about taxes and other charges that are common in the place where you are buying.
Prepare for when you actually own the property and have to deal with local tradesmen, builders, doormen, plumbers, electricians, drivers, mechanics, domestic employees and neighbors, most of whom will not speak any English.

For most people, the only other alternative is to use an English-speaking realtor to help you through the process. That is a good decision in any case but remember that if you are able to follow the language where you are buying, you can double check what your realtor is telling you, see what the locals charge and are paying.

The important thing here is that our trainers can help focus specifically in these areas that you need to know as well as on General language so that you get the most out of the limited time you have available to study. We can also arrange language training for your spouse, partner, or children if you feel that they might need to learn English or any other language. Let us know what you think their needs might be so we can send you a quotation within one business day.

Let us know when you make your enquiry that you might require Real Estate Buying training.

Interesting Language Facts
70% of job recruiters view bilingualism and multilingualism as an extremely impressive quality.
1 in 2 people speak 2 or more languages.

Case Studies: Clients

“Once I told my teacher I was going to Chile, she arranged my lessons so I would learn information about the customs and people of Chile.”

Joseph Mahaut Spanish course in Paris