Translations Services

Language Trainers' directors also operate a translation agency, Translation Central, which provides you with fast and accurate document and website translations, from any language into English or English into any other language. We can also translate a vast array of other language pairings.

Every translation is performed by a qualified translator who is a native speaker of the target language (that is to say, if you have an English document and want it translated into Japanese, the translator will be a native Japanese speaker who has good proficiency in English), and the timescale of the project is agreed with you beforehand.

We bring a similar approach to Translation Central as we do our language courses - you may already have found (or otherwise will find) that our prices provide excellent value in the marketplace. Since we pay our translators the market rate, we don't need to overcharge our clients, meaning our rates are amongst the best value for money you will find.

We charge a little more for non-general texts, since we require translators who have had specialist training and experience of that kind of language; as well as the extra time needed to translate these texts accurately. The timescale is integral the project, and we can offer a better price for a longer timeframe - this is because for short deadlines we usually are forced to take a translator away from a less-urgent task). However, we give the best rates for bigger documents - as the size of the project increases, the price per word decreases.

For any further queries and for an instant quote (in $USD, €EUR or £GBP), please see our site Translation Central. If you're happy with your quotation, you can upload your document via the site and make a payment straight away with our online form. Or email us on [email protected].

Worldwide Clients

Some of our clients include:

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Took English Courses in Sydney

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