5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Learn A New Language NOW

Learning a new language can take a lot of time and commitment — something which may turn off potential students of French, Mandarin, or any other language. However, most bilinguals and multilinguals will tell you that all the sweat and tears are worth it. There are few things as beneficial as knowing a foreign language whether for use in the professional world while travelling abroad, or in your everyday life! So whether you’re hoping to learn a new tongue for work, travel, or personal reasons, read on to find out how it can benefit everything from your brain to your job prospects:

1. You’ll have more job options

In our post-economic crisis world, the job market is more difficult and competitive than ever. Being able to add a new language to your resume will make you more marketable and is sure to catch a future employer’s eye, setting you apart from the pack. And, depending on the language, being bilingual can help you appeal to global or overseas companies, opening up opportunities for you to work abroad!

2. You’ll make more money

Yes, that’s right, you read correctly, learning a new language can help you earn more money. According to experts, someone who speaks more than one language is set to earn between 2% – 8% more than their monolingual counterparts, and in the USA you can earn around $7,000 more if you don’t restrict yourself to just one language!

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3. You’ll be able to work or study abroad

Although some estimates show that by 2050 nearly half the world will be able to speak English, this still leaves millions of people unable to communicate in what many consider to be the ‘global language.’ Furthermore, by learning a new language you show respect to a new culture and will garner the admiration of your colleagues and friends overseas when you can communicate with them in their native tongue!

4. You’ll improve other skills

The benefits of language learning aren’t limited to external ones but have internal benefits as well. Learning a new language can boost your brainpower, making you happier and healthier in the process, and it can also help you to develop other vital skills. Some research shows that students of foreign languages are more creative when it comes to solving complex problems, more able to multitask, and more likely to be confident in making decisions.

5. You’ll have a different travel experience

These days, travelling seems to be mostly about taking nice pictures to post online, but any avid traveller will tell you that there really is so much more to the experience. Nothing changes the way you travel the way learning to speak a new language does. Even if your skills are still at a beginner’s level, any traveller can tell you that using your basic knowledge of the local language will result in better treatment from the locals and you are more likely to have unique experiences as a result!

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Now that you have these 5 great reasons to learn a new language, you are probably more than ready to get started! Making sure you have a good foundation is key when trying to gain proficiency in a new language, so be sure to sign up for some excellent language classes to get yourself on the right track. If you already have prior knowledge of a language, then check out our free online placement tests so you can find the level that’s right for you. With the right skills in hand, you’ll be ready to take on this big, wide world whether you’re trying to climb your way to the top of the business world or just enjoying a new culture and country during your travels!