5 Fun and Creative Ways to Learn a Language

Learning a new language is a commitment of both your time and energy, and in order to learn it well, you need to take it seriously. But what happens when too much study leaves you feeling dull and unmotivated? You might be tempted to put off that language assignment or give up on the language altogether. 


Your school years may have you convinced that effective language learning requires hours and hours of vocabulary revision. But this is not actually true! Hitting the books is not the only way to learn a language. In fact, finding fun ways to approach it can often have better results than flashcards and textbooks. Need some creative ways to zest up your learning? Read on for 5 fun and creative ways to learn a language! 


Scrabble With a Twist



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Games are a wonderful approach to learning a new language. Scrabble, in particular, is excellent for improving your vocabulary skills while having fun at the same time, and is a great game to play solo or with a friend who is learning the same language. Whether playing alone or with someone else, try your best to come up with words on your own, but keep a dictionary to hand, so you can experiment with new vocab, as well. You’ll be amazed how easily you remember a new foreign word once you use it to hit the triple word score!


Get Your Karaoke On


Have you ever met someone who speaks great English and discovered that they learned by listening to Madonna, The Bee Gees and Prince? Music is a powerful language tool because it makes learning feel effortless. Also, it gives you the chance to discover bands and artists in your target language, which is great for improving your cultural understanding. YouTube has a plethora of karaoke-friendly videos which display the lyrics on the screen, so you can read and sing along at the same time. What are you waiting for? Blast that music and start belting out those French, Hindi, or Japanese songs!


Dub Your Favourite Show



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Watching TV shows and films can be a great way to pick up on the nuances and rhythms of a foreign language, but try something a little more light-hearted, as well. While most of us love a good Korean drama or Spanish film, finding a dubbed version of your favourite English show is a pretty fun approach to practising your listening skills without feeling like it is a lot of work. Why? Well, most of us tend to watch and re-watch certain shows (guilty confession: I’ve watched Gilmore Girls from start to finish at least four times), so we are already familiar with the storylines and jokes. This means it is easier to keep up, learn new words and phrases and avoid boredom or confusion when you re-watch these beloved shows dubbed in whichever language you are learning.


Swap Your Phone and Computer Settings


Looking for a small challenge to keep you on your toes? Try swapping your phone and computer settings from English to whichever language you are studying. This is a fun way to keep your brain attentive to the target language throughout the day, but without overwhelming you. Use your preferred apps and social media platforms as per usual (you’ll quickly discover how much of it is muscle memory), and learn to navigate Facebook, Twitter or TikTok in German, Portuguese or Chinese. Just make sure you remember how to change it back, if needs be! 


Get a Buddy



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Studies show that working towards a common goal with other people helps keep you motivated for longer, which means it is time to find a language buddy! Instead of sitting in a coffee shop, practising your target language, spice it up by seeking out activities you both enjoy and can incorporate into your language learning. For example, go for a jog with a friend and practise describing what you see to each other, or watch some cooking videos and learn to make a dish while chatting about your day in your chosen language. Be flexible and do not shy away from trying something new. As long as you make language a part of whichever activity you choose, the learning process will feel seamless and fun for both you and your language buddy. 


While these are all fun and creative ways to learn a language, an excellent tutor is a vital cornerstone of the learning process. Our native-speaking tutors can make learning fun while tailoring each class to suit your personal language level and goals. So, what are you waiting for? Drop us a quick enquiry to learn more about our courses and what we have to offer.