Should You Blog About it? 4 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Travel Blog

By all estimates, blogs are taking over the net. All those life experiences, opinions, pictures, content messages, comments, and more flood the internet on a daily basis. Some blogs have changed our world and online community on a massive scale, while others have substantially less impact. Regardless of what you may think of blogs, there’s no denying their social influence.

Of course, with every living, successful blog, there are countless other dead ones. Whether created on a whim or invested into until its untimely demise, no one sets out thinking that their blog will fail or die. But, so many do.


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Are you thinking about starting a blog about your travels? Perhaps to document your life and experiences to family and friends, or maybe to start a profitable business? If you’re thinking about starting up a blog for any reason, here are 4 important questions to ask beforehand:

1. What are my motivations?

It’s especially easy to come across fellow travellers who want to start a blog (perhaps some who already have one). But, with all that content out there these days, it begs the question: What makes yours so special? Obviously, the DREAM would be to be able to blog about lifestyle and travel through beautiful photos while getting paid for it. But again, with all that other content out there, what would make yours special? In order to run a successful, monetised blog, these are all important questions to be considered.

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Now, if you’re not monetising anything but just want to document your life travels, then really the only question to ask is whether or not you have the time!

2. Is my blog message clear?

There’s nothing worse than encountering an online product that isn’t helpful (or that doesn’t serve its purpose) at all. If your blog claims to offer travel advice, great stories, discounts, life hacks, or even simply beautiful pictures, then it should probably try and live up to that. Stay on brand. If not, then it could join the masses of others out there that oftentimes fail to really be helpful and make an impact.

Blog brand awareness

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3. What’s my target audience? Is it niche enough?

Having a niche is especially true if you’re targeting a specific audience of some kind. Obviously, not everyone reads or searches for blogs, so that’s already a niche population. Then, you’d need to narrow down your audience to discover the best marketing tactics, content, services, and overall feel of your blog. All of this determines a blog’s success; but first, it’s necessary to pick a target audience and stick to it.

4. Do I have the time and patience to invest in this?

Whether or not you’re interested in making it big in the travel blog world or not, there’s always one important question to ask before undertaking any new project or life adventure: Can I invest the necessary time? Even though blogging is remote and can be fairly casual, it’s not an easy job by any stretch. There will be times when it’s very frustrating and just plain difficult to figure out. But, if it’s something that really interests you, then buy your next flight ticket and get busy creating!