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Knowing your current language proficiency level is useful for a number of reasons. You can inform potential employers or partners to what degree you can communicate in a specific tongue. You can track your learning progress and identify topic areas where you should focus your studying. And you can get an indication of how you might do if you decide to become accredited with International Second Language Proficiency Ratings (ISLPR) in Australia or New Zealand. After all, the questions in our tests are all based on the ISLPR and similar international language certification organisations.

To take one of our Language Level Tests, simply select the language you are learning from our available options below. We will be adding more languages soon! But if you’d like to get in touch to request a specific language, you can always contact us on social media.

Each test consists of a series of questions, grouped into batches of 10. If you only want to do a quick test, simply fill in the first batch and submit your answers. However, the more you complete, the more accurate will be your proficiency level evaluation. You can answer up to a maximum of 70 questions.

Total tests taken so far: 416573. Average score: 31/70

We currently offer the following free online language level tests:

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