How Learning French Can Increase Your Salary And More!

The benefits of learning a foreign language, whether for work, travel, or as a hobby, have long been touted. It’s easy to see in today’s globalized world how important knowing more than one language is and how detrimental it can be to nations that forego placing an emphasis on its vitality. You may be considering picking up a new language but just don’t know where to start. If that’s the case, read on to find out the benefits of learning French in particular and the effect it will have on jobs, salary, and more!

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Increased job potential.

Sure, international applicants proficient in at least any two languages are said to have a distinct advantage, but knowing French could actually give you more of a boost. As the largest recipient of U.S. foreign investment, as a world leader in modern telecommunications, and as a nation with a thriving import-export community, France has many opportunities for those willing to take the leap. Knowing both English and French will allow you to bridge the business world between the U.S. and France and propel you towards increased job potential!

Increased global perspective.

Knowing French will not only increase your possibilities in France, but can open up opportunities in places like Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, and other European nations. In some Canadians cities knowing French is a must for the hopeful employee and in countries like Switzerland, it’s a vital tool for business and everyday life. By learning French, your global perspective will increase and you’ll have the chance to work in many different nations if France just isn’t your cup of tea!

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Increased world prominence.

If more job opportunities around the world don’t quite have you convinced you should be learning French, then let’s talk numbers. French boasts 74 million native speakers and a total of 335 million speakers around the world. Its prominence has propelled it to be ranked as one of the top eight languages to know for business today!

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Increased job salary.

So we’ve finally reached the point you really want to talk about: how learning French can increase your salary. Sure, it’s no secret that bilinguals rule the job market, but do they really make more money? The answer is a resounding yes! In the United States bilinguals earn an average of $7,000 more, and in Canada if you speak both the country’s official languages (English and French) you will earn nearly 10% more than your monolingual counterparts. Money talks, and it looks like knowing French is the way to go if you want to earn more cash!

You are probably more than ready to take advantage of global job opportunities and higher pay by learning French, and learning a new language is easy as long as you get started the right way. Lay a firm foundation with excellent French language classes and keep your skills on point with free online placement tests. With your new language abilities in hand, you’ll be prepared for the increased potential and benefits that go hand in hand with the beautiful French tongue!