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Open Group Portuguese Courses

Here you can find a full list of the Open Group Portuguese courses we offer. Take a look at all the options, choose the one that suits your level, and book your place today!
Take into consideration that our courses do not have an unlimited number of places available. In case the course you want to book is currently fully booked, please come back soon and try again! We offer these lessons on a rolling cycle, so more places will be available the next time we run the course.

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Important Course Facts.

  • Courses for every level of proficiency
  • Plenty of resources for interactive lessons
  • Certified tutors
  • Flexible syllabus
  • Large & small groups available
  • Make friends in a relaxed, virtual environment

Why Learn Portuguese Today?

Portuguese is widely spoken not only in Brazil and Portugal, but also in several other countries, like Sri Lanka, Guinea-Bissau, and Macau. With almost 250 million speakers worldwide, learning the language will help you to communicate with native speakers, wherever you decide to travel next. Also, if you already speak any other Romance language, such as Spanish or Italian, then you already have a head start at Portuguese, as much of the vocabulary and grammar is similar. Likewise, once you are a proficient Portuguese speaker, you can use the language as a springboard to learn French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, or any other Latin-based language of your choosing!

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Benefits of an Open Group Portuguese Course with Language Trainers Connect

Looking for an affordable, entertaining way to learn Portuguese and make new friends without leaving home? Then, our open group Portuguese lessons are the best option for you!

Join our open group programs and meet motivated Portuguese learners from around the world. As our lessons are virtual, you will meet people from the Far East to South America who love Portuguese as much as you! Thus, you will not only learn a new language, but gain in-depth knowledge of other cultures and traditions and communicating with your international classmates.

Our certified, dedicated instructors will prepare a syllabus completely tailored to the group’s needs. In this way, you will practice Portuguese using real-life materials following a communicative approach. Forget about memorizing long lists of vocabulary or listening to boring recordings! In our open group sessions, you will use resources like clips from popular TV series, samba and fado songs, famous novel extracts, and other motivating materials that help you learn Portuguese in a meaningful way.

Our courses last 5 weeks, after which you will receive a certificate that states your new level of proficiency in Portuguese. Want to know more about these open group language classes? Send us a quick inquiry.

Course Requirements

In a Language Trainers Connect Open Group Portuguese Course, you only need:

An electronic device (smartphone, laptop, tablet).

A stable Internet connection

Zoom: download and use for free

Discover More About Our Portuguese Courses

Private Courses

In case you don’t want to study in an open group and are looking for individual or closed group, tailor-made Portuguese lessons, you can also contact us. We offer completely personalized programs designed by our teachers. For example, you can communicate your preferences to your tutor for them to prepare lessons based on your favorite TV shows, movies, songs, books, and more. Study Portuguese with us for personal, business, cultural, or other reasons today!