Language Guides

Pique your interest in a new language or prepare yourself for the one you are already learning by discovering more about its culture and people. Our language guides provide fun and informative insight into fascinating countries from around the world. Take a tour through interesting facts about a nation, its population, and what it’s like to learn their language.

Each language guide is a native speaker in the relevant tongue. They will begin their videos with some enthralling bite-size facts about a key country or region that speaks the language. This can include anything from border size and the most important cities to the population’s favourite foods and traditions.

The second video goes into detail about the people and what it’s like to live and work beside them. This is especially useful if you are planning to travel to the country or do business with people that speak the language. Your guide will also provide a list of famous people and businesses from the country; valuable material if you want to use culture to connect with a local or to understand certain references.

In the third video, your language guide will discuss the language itself. Perhaps you have heard the country where you are about to live, work, or travel uses multiple dialects and you’re not sure if you are learning the right one? Or maybe you want to get an idea of how easy or difficult it is to pronounce or read words? Your guide will take you through if, how, and why languages sometimes change across regions and whether this is something to concern yourself about (many regions which speak numerous dialects also use a universal one). Also, they will cover common difficulties that learners face, like forming sounds or if unusual letters are used. And how many hours of lessons and self-study you should expect to complete before reaching varying levels of proficiency.

Finally, your guide will answer our most frequently asked questions about their respective language. They’ll even get you started on your learning journey by teaching you a few common and fun phrases.

All the videos are short and easy to follow, with clear text and images to accompany our guides’ commentary. We hope you find them interesting and that they inspire you to learn a language. If so, please look at our courses for more information about how we can help. Alternatively, contact us and we will happily answer your questions.

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