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Bordering the Pacific Ocean just 50 miles south of Sydney you will find the beautiful beaches of Wollongong. An industrial town known for its scenery, and more importantly, its surfing, Wollongong has proven to be attractive to tourists from all over. Due to a flourishing steel industry, it has attracted immigrants from all sides of the planet. The population in Wollongong has steadily grown for the better part of the past 50 years, with immigrants from practically every part of the world. Its booming food and steel industries have created a remarkably diverse environment.


Stay competitive in Wollongong’s growing and diversifying town as well as the global market and learn a foreign language. Whether you want to connect with friends and family abroad, take your company overseas, or travel to a foreign country, language courses are the next step to making your goals a reality. Take one of our many free online language level tests and contact us here to let us help you take the first, or maybe the fifth or sixth step toward learning another language.

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