11 tips for language learning

There was a great post on the Babbel blog recently from the head of their support team, Anne Matthies. She has impressively used self-directed learning to reach advanced levels in Italian, English, French, Russian and Chinese. Here are her tips for learning languages, especially on your own. The full post includes her comments.

1. Set a plan and don’t stick to it

2. Give yourself time before you speak (if you’ve got the time)

3. Your style of learning keeps changing

4. Study idioms right from the beginning

5. Be yourself

6. Get off the computer once in a while

7. Get around

8. Sing!

9. Stage your own immersion day

10. Allow yourself to make mistakes!

11. Don’t give up…

I completely agree with all of Anne’s points (and most of them are things I’ve mentioned before). Do you have any language learning advice that you couldn’t do without?