A useful new app

A 15 year old has developed an app which reduces text to a maximum of 1000 words, and can even produce a 140 character line ready for use on Twitter. Student Nick D’Aloisio says he got the idea whilst doing some homework, and wading through information which he thought could be better condensed. Australian born D’Alosio moved to London five years ago, and taught himself how to use various computer software, before setting up his own app development company, last year.

The app, Trimit, uses an algorithm that uses the structure of a sentence to class its importance within the text. It pays particular attention to factual information such as dates, places and figures. It will also convert parts of words to numbers, as used when texting, such as “4get” and “in2,” in order to further shorten sentences.

“We are basically trying to parse the English language,” D’Aloisio says, “which is almost impossible.”

Trimit is available free in Itunes App store.

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