4 Great Movies to Travel While in Quarantine 

Spending day after day at home, our minds often go back to those beautiful trips to exciting cities or exotic places we were once able to visit (remember those times?). And while all of us must stay at home for the time being, there is a way to travel to other countries that most of us can access quickly and easily—movies.


By watching films, you can travel from one corner of the world to the other, into space and even into another time. So, why not combine entertainment with productivity and put your foreign language skills into practice with some inspiring productions?


Here are 4 films you can’t miss during this quarantine to make you feel like you are travelling…even while you can’t!



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Tracks (2013)

Language: English


In 1977, a young woman goes on a 1,700-mile trek across the deserts of West Australia with four camels and her faithful dog. National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan documents her journey. This true story, based on Robyn Davidson’s acclaimed memoir, is great for the adventure-traveller, as it is a movie filled with danger, exotic landscapes and wildlife. The gorgeous cinematography by Mandy Walker will make you feel like you’re right there with the characters, along for the ride!


In addition to enjoying a fantastic movie located in Australia, you’ll get to familiarise yourself with the Australian English dialect. By listening to authentic, native speech, you’ll be more likely to understand when interacting with Australian-English speakers in real life.

You can watch the trailer here!



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A Coffee in Berlin (2014)

Language: German


Want to travel to the stunning city of Berlin without leaving your home? Then A Coffee in Berlin is a must-watch! This tragicomedy, by Jan Gerster, follows the adventures of Niko, a millennial who strives to find his place in the world. In addition to having some fun with the movie, you’ll practice your listening skills in German and probably learn some new words along the way, too.


Watching movies is a great way to acquire new terms, as you can rely on the context, visual cues and people’s facial expressions to uncover the meaning of words you don’t yet know. For example, you’ll learn how to use seemingly impossible vocabulary, like Vergangenheitsbewältigung (a German term describing post-1945 German literature, society and culture).


Take a virtual stroll around Berlin by clicking here!


Le Sens de la Fête (2017)

Language: French


If you like comedies and would like to have some fun while getting to know a bit more about France, Le Sens de la Fête is the movie for you. The protagonist of this story is Max, a caterer who is just about to face the most challenging event of his professional life: a very expensive wedding taking place at a 17th-century castle. Through his eyes, you’ll get to know more about French styles and attitudes to parties and have some fun at seeing how everything goes wrong!


In addition to becoming familiar with words associated with parties, like fete, bouffer or la boum, you’ll soon develop a feel for the rhythm and pace of spoken French, which will take your listening skills to the next level.


Enjoy the trailer here!


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活着 (Huózhe) | “To Live” (1994)

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Now’s the time for a bit of drama for those who want to know more about China (and practise their Mandarin in the process!). Set in Shanghai during the Chinese Civil War, this film illustrates the changes in society that took place during that tumultuous period. Characters are intimately portrayed, so you’ll surely identify with the hardships they endure (and happy about their achievements, too!).

And don’t worry if you are just a beginner with Chinese: you can always watch this production with subtitles, so you can read along in your native language while developing your listening skills and improving your perception of different Chinese dialects and accents.

Click here and watch the trailer!


The pandemic might have messed up our travel plans, but staying home does not mean you cannot satisfy your wanderlust. These 4 movies can help you cope with quarantine and discover new places around the world without leaving your bed or sofa!


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