The Best Jobs for Expats in Dubai

Dubai is a paradisiacal destination that has beautiful beaches, a vibrant culture, and a luxurious lifestyle. In recent years, it has attracted hundreds of businesspeople who want to invest in Dubai, but also thousands of expats from all over the world looking for jobs in hospitality, tourism, teaching English, IT, sales and marketing or professional service. But what are the best jobs for expats in Dubai and how does the Digital Nomad visa work?

While the number of professionals working from here decreased during the pandemic, the city is now determined to attract digital nomads again. So, if you want to enjoy Dubai’s sandy beaches and worry-free lifestyle, keep reading.


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The best jobs for expats in Dubai

Maybe you want to work in Dubai as a digital nomad. Or maybe, you just want to find temporary work while you enjoy the city’s sun, sand, and sea. In any case, here is a list of the best jobs for expats in Dubai.

Work in a hotel

The hotel industry in Dubai is one of the biggest in the United Arab Emirates. As a result, finding jobs in this sector is not difficult. Working in a hotel usually requires experience, but there are also jobs for people with minimal experience. Besides, being an expat, your first language will be a great asset when it comes to most jobs. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can do without a few essential Arabic phrases!

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh, via Pexels

Here are some positions you can apply for if you want to work in a hotel:

1. Receptionist

As a receptionist, you will be responsible for welcoming guests and helping them with their needs. From checking people in to answering their questions about  the city, you will be the face of the hotel.

2. Barman/waitress

 Are you a sociable person who loves talking to people? Then working as a barman or waitress in one of Dubai’s many luxurious hotels is a great option for you. You will need to have some experience in this field, but it is not necessary to have formal training.

3. Housekeeping staff

Housekeeping jobs are always in high demand in Dubai. This is due to the large number of tourists who visit this place every year. As a housekeeper, you will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the hotel’s rooms and facilities.

Teaching English jobs

English jobs are the most popular among expats in Dubai. Why? Because they are an excellent way to earn money while exploring the culture of this beautiful city. Most teaching jobs require a university degree and a teaching licence. However, if you like to keep things light and be independent, you can also find jobs as an online English tutor and create your schedule. It may not be the best-paid job in the world, it’s true. But it might be enough to enjoy Dubai’s tropical paradise while paying your rent and bills!

Do you speak a language other than English? That’s even better. Speaking less popular or even little-known languages will give you a great advantage. This is because the demand for people who can teach these languages is naturally higher. As a consequence, you may be able to find work even if you don’t have a teaching licence.

Become a Yoga instructor

Did you know that Dubai is home to dozens of yoga retirement communities?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio, via Pexels

Yoga has become very popular in Dubai over the past few years. This means that jobs as yoga instructors are in high demand. While special qualifications or certificates to teach yoga are always helpful, if you are a passionate with experience, you can find jobs in Dubai quite easily. Additionally, many of the jobs offer flexible hours and great remuneration packages.

As a yoga instructor, you will be able to find work in lots of different enviroment. From retirement communities to hotels, and spas, the possibilities are endless!

Scuba diving instructor jobs

Easily one of the most exciting jobs for expats in Dubai, Scuba diving positions are very popular among foreign residents. They offer the perfect balance between adventure and a comfortable lifestyle. As a scuba diving instructor, you will be responsible for teaching people how to dive safely, supervising them while they explore beautiful reefs, and helping them with any questions they may have.

In order to work as a scuba diving instructor, you will need to have appropriate qualifications. But if you already have them, jobs in this field are quite easy to find.

Digital nomad jobs for expats in Dubai

Having closed the borders to foreigners during Covid-19, the United Arab Emirates has now issued a Digital Nomad Visa. With this permit, they expect to attract remote working professionals who wish to set their own workspace in Dubai and other destinations.

The visa, which could be ready for late 2023, puts the existing six-month stay permit to shame by allowing digital nomads to stay and work in Dubai for up to five years. To qualify, applicants just need to demonstrate they have a reliable source of income online.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it does not end here. As a Digital Nomad, you will not pay taxes in the UAE.

That’s right, people who are granted this permit will be allowed to stay in the UAE for 5 years and they will be exempted from paying taxes. Without a doubt, an ideal way to attract professionals who work remotely to this Middle Eastern destination.

What does being a digital nomad mean?

Being a digital nomad means that you work remotely: from your home, from a co-working space or from anywhere in the world. Being a remote worker has many advantages since you can establish your own work hours and move from one place to another as often as you want.

Digital nomads have access to a wide range of jobs, especially online jobs that require minimal skills and qualifications.

Here are some of the most popular digital jobs for expats in Dubai:

Web designer

Web designers are in high demand in Dubai since the tourism industry is booming and new businesses open up every day. As a web designer, you will be responsible for the design of websites, making sure they look great on all devices and following current trends.

Content writer

Content writing jobs are also very popular among digital nomads, as most companies in Dubai are always looking for people to help them create compelling content that will attract more customers. If you have writing skills and good command of English, this might be the perfect job for you.

Social media manager

As a social media manager, you will be responsible for creating social media campaigns and posts that generate engagement and attract potential customers. You should know how to create eye-catching visuals and (ideally) have some experience in digital marketing.

digital nomad jobs for expats in dubai

Photo by Helena Lopes, via Pexels

Finding great jobs for expats in Dubai isn’t always easy. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities available. Especially for those who are open to trying new things! Whether you’re looking for a job as a yoga instructor, scuba diving instructor, or digital nomad, jobs for expats in Dubai can be found with some effort and research.

How to find the best jobs for expats in Dubai!

Arabic is the official language of the UAE and certainly the most popular language in Dubai. However, don’t forget that many jobs in Dubai will require basic language skills in English. So, if English is not your first language, you may want to study both Arabic and English. 

On the one hand, being able to communicate with locals in their own words will open many doors. It will help your employers and clients see that you are truly invested in the local culture. On the other hand, a good command of English will allow you to communicate with people from all over the world!

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