Using videos to learn language

We all should know by now that much of the best material to learn language from is relevant, interesting to the learner, and comes from real life. It’s often difficult to find articles or videos that are of an appropriate level, though, and working out your own comprehension questions and answers is fraught with difficulties.

I came across a Spanish-English learning website recently that takes away all the trouble for you. Voxy provides videos and articles about current events and other interesting subjects, and then provide questions for the learner to answer. Key words from these articles are stored automatically in a list that can be referred back to easily. They also have a few fun little games to help solidify your language knowledge.

In the future, they will also have a ‘life skills’ section where you can practise your day-to-day communications.

For people who are learning Spanish (or Spanish speakers learning English), this is a pretty cool beta site to check out. Let me know what you think about it!