The Best Virtual Gifts to Give Away This Holiday Season!

Every time Christmas comes around, we face the same challenge: choosing the perfect gift for our loved ones without repeating ourselves. In the COVID-19 era, with family gatherings still being restricted in many countries, this has become a particularly strenuous quest. But don’t worry: we have the perfect solution for you!

With virtual gifts, you do not only get to show your love while keeping everybody safe, but you can also provide your friends and family with valuable learning opportunities that will expand their skills and experiences.

That is why, today, we have compiled a list of the best virtual gifts to give away this holiday seasons that can be used to learn languages.

Bilingual E-Books

Dual language books typically have a two-page format that allows readers to see the same text in two languages. In some e-books, this dual formatting is even more flexible, as you can access translations line-by-line or even word-by-word by just tapping on the screen.


Photo by Perfecto Capucine from Pexels

A bilingual e-book is the perfect virtual gift for people who love reading because they will be able to acquire new language skills while doing something they enjoy. This is one of the most rewarding ways of learning languages: by doing activities that you already love to do in a new language! To make sure that your gift is the best it can be, you might want to consider the following tips:

  • If the person in question is a beginner learner, start small. For instance, The Little Prince might be a better option than Ulysses.
  • You might want to choose a story that your loved one is familiar with. For example, if you have a 30-year old cousin, chances are they have read Harry Potter in English (or at least watched the movies!), so it will be easier for them to dive deep into the books in a different language.
  • For more advanced learners, try to choose books that have lots of idiomatic expressions. This way, they will get to learn every-day language that is more likely to come in handy in real communicative situations.


Fifteen years ago, the best companion for language learners was the traditional coursebook. However, we have come a long way since then. Today, platforms such as Netflix and Spotify can teach you more about current, real usage of languages than most approved learning materials. So, why not give away subscriptions to these useful (and entertaining!) platforms?

In addition, getting your friend a one-year subscription is another great way to encourage them to combine enjoyment and language learning. In case you are wondering what are the best platforms out there, here are a few suggestions:

  • Audio platforms: When it comes to music and podcasts, Spotify, iTunes and Audible are the leading apps on the market. On these platforms, you can listen to artists from all over the world. All you have to do is enter the title of the band, album or song. For language learners, this is an invaluable source of knowledge, as most of these apps show you the lyrics on the screen. And what can be more fun than learning a language while singing along to your favourite music?
  • Video platforms: If you know somebody who loves movies and TV but is not subscribed to a streaming platform yet, this might be the best gift you will ever make. Streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime bring thousands of shows and films in foreign languages. So if you know a Spanish learner, for example, you can encourage them to see La Casa de Papel, with either Spanish or English subtitles, depending on their level.

Yoga Apps

This is another way of learning languages while doing a rewarding activity. Yoga apps allow users to choose their preferred learning language so people can get fit while sharpening their language skills, all without leaving their homes. Here are a few subscriptions worth checking out:

  • 5 Minute Yoga. This app contains simple but effective yoga poses for beginners in multiple languages. Each position comes with in-depth instructions and clear illustrations that will teach you lots of words for body parts and action verbs while ensuring you exercise correctly.
  • Daily Yoga is the best gift for busy learners. Its flexible class duration allows users to choose sessions from 5 to 70 minutes. Additionally, this app has a community which brings together yoga lovers from all over the world. As you can imagine, this is another excellent opportunity to keep on learning languages.


Language Vouchers

Although e-books, streaming platforms and yoga sessions will surely help people acquire some language skills, the best virtual gift for committed language learners is a comprehensive language course. Language Trainers, for example, offers customised online courses taught by native teachers that adapt to every learner’s needs and interests.


Our Spanish teacher, Cecilia, teaching an online class.

So, if you really want to show your friends and family how much they mean to you, why not do it with a tailor-made learning experience? All you have to do is choose the voucher that best suits the occasion (Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Thank You Notes, and many more!) and the recipient will get an email welcoming him or her to the course!

This meaningful virtual gift is the best surprise for anyone who:

  • Is planning to move abroad to work or study.
  • Has a bilingual friend or partner.
  • Needs to get in touch with family members who speak other languages.
  • Is curious about new languages and the cultures where they are spoken.

Just contact us to get yours, and a member of our staff will guide you to help you get the best option!

Language Trainers courses are run by people who truly love languages. For this reason, we hope that this holiday season you will consider giving away an engaging language learning experience!

Also, if all this language talk has made you curious about learning a new language yourself, make sure you explore our online courses taught by native tutors!