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Canberra, the capital of Australia, is a multicultural city that will make you feel at home, no matter where you were born or the language you speak: almost 30% of its population was born abroad, as stated in the 2016 census. Asian nationalities account for more than 39% of the city’s population born overseas, and almost 20% of Canberra’s residents report speaking a language other than English at home, the most common among them being Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese and Greek. Furthermore, Statistics Australia figures show that the biggest groups of migrants who decide to take up citizenship in Australia are from South Africa, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam. Just take a walk around the city and you will see, hear, taste and experience the thriving Chinatown, Little Italy and Koreatown, among other ethnic neighbourhoods. So, start studying a language today to connect with these growing communities, access more professional opportunities and expand your cultural horizons in Canberra.

Where to Practise Foreign Languages in Canberra: Sign up for a course with us at Language Trainers today and our instructors will tailor each lesson to your preferences and needs, so you achieve fluency smoothly and in a very short time. But it is also essential to practise outside the classroom to improve your accent and gain confidence in your language skills. So, why not join one of the many available meet-up groups in the city? For example, the Canberra Polyglot Meetup, founded in 1986, assembles every Monday evening for its members to practise mainly French, German, Spanish and Danish, although they welcome learners and native speakers of all languages. Do not hesitate to join their dinners and social events to enjoy a good time while improving your grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills. Or you can take part in the gatherings organised by Language Meetup Canberra, a club for anybody interested in learning or improving a second language, learning more about other cultures and being social. If you decide to attend, you will receive little flag stickers from different countries. The first flag is for your native language and the other flag(s) you choose represents the language(s) you would like to learn. Then, you just need to find others who want to practise the same language that you do and begin a friendly chat!

Where to Study Foreign Languages in Canberra: Canberra is also home to many reputable higher education institutions where you can study Bachelor or Master programmes in foreign languages. For example, the Australian National University offers an outstanding variety of programmess on campus or online, from beginner to advanced levels. You can choose one of more than 30 languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, Sanskrit and Latin. Or you can enrol in the courses offered by the University of Canberra Academy of Languages, which include German, French, Tamil, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic and Chinese.  Meanwhile, if you are interested in demonstrating your language level by sitting for an internationally accredited exam (such as DALF for French or Goethe-Zertifikat for German), then you will find many institutions that host them, such as the Alliance Francaise on McCaughey Street. Please consider that these exams are quite challenging to pass, so you need to get ready as soon as you can. Fortunately, we can help you prepare with our Exam Preparation course, where our experienced teachers can ensure you pass your exam with flying colours. 

Language Jobs in Canberra: Learning a new language will also become an asset in the city, especially if you are planning to apply for a new, international job. The economy of the Australian Capital Territory is the fastest-growing of the country, composed primarily of service industries and construction. Also, Canberra is increasingly emerging as one of Australia’s premier innovation hubs, with more and more companies in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, like Interferex or AustIndustry, establishing headquarters in the city. Crucially, they are looking for bilingual employees of different languages to ensure fluent communication with their partners and clients at home and abroad. So, give your career a boost by becoming bilingual! Furthermore, those who are looking to connect with foreign entrepreneurs and business owners can contact the relevant international chambers of commerce, such as those of the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Spanish or Italians. These institutions will provide you with all the information and support you need to setup your business abroad by using the language skills you acquired in your course with Language Trainers to network with industry partners and experts.

Using Language to Experience Culture in Canberra: Canberra is an excellent place to explore other cultures and feel as if you were abroad without ever leaving the city. For example, the National Multicultural Festival, established in 1996, is today the biggest occasion on Canberra’s event landscape. This 3-day festival gathers national and international visitors alike for one of the biggest celebrations of cultural diversity across Australia. Enjoy beautiful exotic costumed dancers and marching cultural bands who come from all over the world! Also, if you are studying Spanish and love cinema, you can attend the Spanish Film Festival in Canberra that runs annually between April and May to experience the very best in Spanish and Latin American cinema. Or if you are more interested in German culture, you can take part in the Winter Schnapps Festival, the German Film Festival and the most popular festival of all, Canberra Oktoberfest. There is something for everyone in the city, regardless of the language you are studying. Access Visit Canberra’s website to get a view of the city’s thriving calendar of events.

Whether you want to improve your opportunities to work, study, travel or socialise, learning a language will certainly come in handy. Our native-speaking teachers will support you every step of the way, design tailored lessons to suit your individual abilities and interests, and schedule your lessons according to your convenience. So, you can take your lessons in the comfort of your home or office, or you may decide to study in a public place instead, such as the National Library of Australia on Parkes Pl W, at Coffee Lab on Narellan Place, or Greenhouse Coffee & Food Co on Centre London Circuit.

We have amazing instructors based all around the country and they are ready to get started in places like Queanbeyan, Murrumbateman, Belconnen and Wee Jasper. So, it doesn’t matter where you are based; you can still book a course with us.

Take the plunge and start your desired learning journey today! And, if you have studied it before, please take a language level test, so we can tailor a course package that perfectly suits your current ability.

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