Top 8 Vegan Cities in the World

Looking to see the world but don’t want to have to compromise on trying amazing food because you’re vegan? Well, do we have a treat for you! With veganism on the increase globally, more and more places you visit will have vegan food on offer. Come with us on a culinary adventure!


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Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is often described as the vegan capital of the world. There are around 200,000 vegans living in Tel Aviv, kept happily full by over 400 restaurants serving vegan-friendly food. Want some pointers? Try Caffe Kaymak for a spicy hotpot called galean mjadra, or Anastasia for their raw chocolate pistachio dessert.


Warsaw, Poland

The number of vegan-friendly places is definitely on the up in Warsaw! There are more than a hundred places listed as suitable for vegans so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Is it any wonder Warsaw is considered one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world? Try Krowarzywa for some of the best vegan burgers, or Leonardo Verde for an incredible vegan Italian restaurant.


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Phuket, Indonesia

The home of an annual vegetarian festival sounds promising in the hunt for vegan food; the Nine Emperor Gods Festival is said to have been part of Phuket’s culture since 1825! Yo Green Vegan & Vegetarian will make you the best Penang curry if you’re looking for something spicy, and if you want to browse a little then head to the Central Festival Food Court where you can try all kinds of food including Thai and Chinese, vegan-style.


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London, UK

The UK’s capital is home to more than 100,000 vegans, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that London is such a hub for vegan food. There are more than 100 eateries for you to choose from; try Manna for vegan bangers and mash, or Pickywops for the best vegan pizza around. London has a growing vegan scene, so if these places aren’t to your taste there will be someone to point you in a better direction.


Berlin, Germany

Berlin has made its mark as an international vegan destination. There are 320 restaurants that are vegetarian and 65 dedicated solely to vegan cuisine, all within a five-mile radius from the city centre. Rawtastic will serve you just about any vegan dish you can imagine, so be prepared to be spoilt for choice when you go in. Atayacaffe boasts an Afro-Italian menu that will make your mouth water. Where to head first?


Budapest, Hungary

You might not be expecting it from the country that is host to an annual pork festival, but Hungary is one of the most amazing places for vegan food in the world. And the vegan market is growing! Govinda Csillaghegy will serve you some of the most delicious soups and salads you’ve ever tasted, while Napfényes will spoil you with a selection of pakoras and samosas. We’re hungry just thinking about it!


Barcelona, Spain

Again, think of Spain and you’ll probably think of meat, what with all that jamón on display in supermarkets and restaurants. But Barcelona has a growing vegan scene and its government has promised to increase its promotion of vegetarian and vegan food, so be prepared to be pleasantly surprised! Try the famous Teresa Carles for fideua and pasta, and Cat Bar Cat if you fancy a burger and beer.


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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Since Chiang Mai is attracting more and more ecotourists you will be in the company of others who are looking for responsible ways to eat and source our food. There are more than 40 vegan-friendly places waiting for you in Chiang Mai, so you’ll have plenty to choose from! Try the relatively new Ama Vegan Kitchen with a good range of fried treats that are either vegetable-based or meat substitutes, like their ‘fish’ cakes. Bee Vegan is another great suggestion, with lots of somtam, soups, and salads for you to sample. Are you hungry yet?


These are just some of the best cities out there serving you a range of choices in vegan food; there are so many more! If by the end of this list you aren’t either packing your suitcase or starving, we’re not sure if it’s really vegan food that you’re looking for!


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