6 Reasons Oman Should Be On Your Post-Quarantine Travel List

One of the things many of us are looking forward to post-lockdown is the ability to travel again.  Opportunities to experience new cultures, challenge yourself with foreign languages, and meet people from around the globe may be just a few aspects of travel you really miss—and you are probably crossing off the days on the calendar until you can get on the road again!

If you are dreaming of post-quarantine must-see places, Oman is a country you definitely need to consider for your travel wish list. From great food, to friendly locals, here are 5 reasons why beautiful Oman should be at the top of your list of places to visit once lockdown ends!


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1. Warm and friendly people

Something that attracts many travellers to Oman is the warmth and friendliness of local Omanis. Tourism is still a relatively new concept in the country and locals embrace the opportunity to meet and talk with travellers from abroad. Even with language barriers stifling conversation, Omanis will try to find creative ways to communicate and share their culture with you. It isn’t uncommon for a stranger to walk you to your destination if you are lost or stop to chat with you about where you are visiting from. If meeting people is a big part of your love for travel, Oman is the perfect country for mingling with hospitable and friendly locals.


2. It is incredibly safe

Strict moral and legal codes have stamped out most crime in the country, making travel in Oman an incredibly safe activity. With the exception of petty crimes in places like Muscat, crime rates are very low and safety should not be much of a concern while you are exploring this beautiful nation. Even so, it is important to read up on the country’s laws, so that you yourself are not in danger of breaking them. For example, there is zero tolerance for drugs in Oman and drinking in public is taboo. Recreational drones are also illegal in Oman and you could be penalized for simply bringing one into the country, even if you do not plan on using it.


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3. There is a little bit of everything

Stunning mountain vistas, breathtaking seaside views and rippling desert panoramas all make up Oman’s varied landscape. There is literally something here for everyone, regardless of your interests, and the country is a haven for eco-tourists, in particular. You can camp in the desert, hike in the mountains, go wildlife watching on the beach or take a dip in one of the country’s many wadis (oases). You will find yourself so spoilt for choice, you may need to plan multiple trips back to Oman, just so you can experience everything!


4. It is perfect for road tripping

There is no reliable public transportation system in Oman, which makes driving the best way to explore. Planning a road trip is also surprisingly simple: renting a car is an easy process (you can rent from the airport itself) and getting around straightforward as Oman is very developed, with new highways all across the country. Also, it is highly unlikely you will struggle to find accommodation throughout your trip, even if you haven’t planned out your itinerary in advance. But even if you travel so far off the beaten track that you cannot find somewhere to sleep one night, give in to adventure and camp out in your car! This is a common activity for locals and you will frequently see cars pulled to the side of the road and couples or families setting up campsites as evening starts to set in.

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5. The food

Oman certainly delivers on delicious things to eat and drink. Tea houses are a common occurrence along Oman’s roads, and if you don’t stop for sweet karak (tea) and mushaltat —a flatbread stuffed with honey, cheese and other tasty treats—at least 5 times a day, you are really missing out on the full experience! Rice-based dishes with meat and vegetables cooked in spices are very common in Oman and Indian food also has a strong presence there; you can find Indian-style dishes almost everywhere you go. The country is famous for the vibrant flavours of its food, so don’t hold back on trying everything that comes your way!


6. It’s a great reason to learn Arabic

Arabic is the language spoken in Oman and English speakers can often be difficult to come by. Which is why it might be a good idea to learn Arabic as part of your planning before you visit Oman. Better still, knowing the language will serve you long after your trip: Modern Standard Arabic is spoken widely throughout North Africa and the Middle East, so it is a superb language to know if you plan to live, work, or travel in any of the countries throughout these regions.

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