World Cup Arabic Phrases to Know While in Qatar

This year, the FIFA World Cup will take place from 21 November to 19 December in Qatar, a country located in Western Asia and the richest country in the world. Over the course of 28 joyous days, a total of 64 matches will be played by 32 teams in eight amazing venues. In the end, only one will take home the planet-shaped trophy, which has so far been won by eight countries since the World Cup’s first edition in 1930.

Apply for tickets

Whether you are a football fan or you just want to take part in one of the most exciting sports and social events in the world, there has probably never been a better time to join this historical celebration.

If you want to apply for tickets, all you have to do is create a ticketing account on the official FIFA website and, of course, train your vocal cords so that they won’t break after almost a month of cheering and swearing in Arabic!

The Languages of Qatar

Despite being one of the richest countries in the world, Qatar has a relatively small population, with only 2.5 million inhabitants of which fewer than 12% are local Qataris. And, although Arabic is the official language of the State, you may also hear other languages such as Farsi, Urdu, Malayalam or Tagalog while in Qatar, sometimes all of them in one day!

What did you just say? Oh, so you only speak English? Then I have two things to say to you: 1: Shame on you!; and 2. You will be absolutely fine. Lucky for you, English is the lingua franca of the land!


Though English speakers shouldn’t experience significant linguistic inconveniences during their stay, we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t urge you to take this unique opportunity to practice the language and get closer to the culture while you enjoy the games. Learning the language of a place that will give you unforgettable experiences with friends or family is never a bad idea! In fact, those who put in the effort to use the official language of the State normally gain access to spaces and welcoming circuits that they didn’t even know existed!

Essential Arabic Greetings

If you’ve ever experienced a World Cup, you know that the air on the football pitch is charged with excitement, and camaraderie prevails over competitiveness. If you are traveling with friends, you will notice that even the shyest ones in the group will find themselves wanting to talk to other people.

Here are a few essential Arabic phrases for socializing that you can use before, during, or after a match.

English Arabic Pronunciation
Hello! مرحبًا mrhban
How are you? كيف حالك؟ kayf halika?
I’m great نا عظيم ‘ana eazim
Nice to meet you سعيد
saeid biliqayik
Good morning صباح
sabah alkhayr
Good afternoon طاب مسائك tab masayik
Good evening مساء
masa’ alkhayr
Goodnight طاب مساؤك tab masawuk
See you around! أراك
‘arak bialjawar!

Essential Arabic Phrases to Talk About Sport

Let’s face it. Though a few people travelling to Qatar this November may be mainly interested in the touristic side of the experience, the vast majority of those attending will be ardent football fans. If you want to connect with other people in the local language by talking about what you love the most, write down the following Arabic phrases and words.

English Arabic spelling Pronunciation
Football كرة القدم kurat alqadam
Football team ملعب كرة قدم


maleab kurat
Football match مباراة كرة قدم


mubaraat kurat


Footballer لاعب كرة القدم laeib kurat


Attacker مهاجم




Defender مدافع




Goalkeeper حارس مرمى


haris marmaa


Midfielder لاعب وسط


laeib wasat


My favorite player is… اللاعب المفضل لدي هو …


almufadal ladaya hu…


Who is your favorite player? من هو لاعبك المفضل؟


man hu laeibuk
That was a great move! كانت تلك حركة عظيمة.


kanat tilk
harakat eazimatun.
Hurrah! يا هلا! ya hila!
Which team are you supporting? أي فريق تدعم؟ ‘ayu fariq


Enjoy the match! استمتع بالمباراة! aistamtie

Arabic Phrases to Ask for Help

While we are sure that your stay in Qatar will be an amazing experience, we cannot promise that your trip will be completely smooth from beginning to end. Sometimes, you just need to ask for help. Whether you need a doctor to make sure your throat will be just fine after all that shouting or you just need to ask for directions, these essential Arabic phrases will help you get help.

English Arabic spelling  Pronunciation
Where is the nearest…? أين هو
‘ayn hu al’aqriba…?
Hospital مستشفى mustashfaa
Pharmacy مقابل muqabil
Drugstore كشك kushak
Hotel الفندق alfunduq
Supermarket سوبر
subar markit
Can I borrow your phone for a moment? هل يمكنني
استعارة هاتفك للحظة؟
hal yumkinuni astiearat hatifik lilahzatin?
How can I get to…? كيف استطيع الوصول الى…؟ kayf astutie alwusul ala…؟
Can someone call an ambulance? هل يمكن
لأحد أن يستدعي سيارة إسعاف؟
hal yastatie ‘ahad musaeadati raja’?
Can someone please help me? هل يستطيع
أحد مساعدتي رجاء؟
hal yumkin li’ahad ‘an yastadei sayaarat ‘iiseaf?

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