6 Portuguese Conversation Starters for Your Next Business Trip

Traveling alone on a business trip but don’t know anyone else? Want to meet people? Well, you’ll need to start somewhere.

It can be a daunting task to start conversing with a stranger, let alone one that speaks a language foreign to your own; so it could be a good idea to learn a few tactics for striking up some friendly banter, find some company and have some well-deserved fun on your business trip.


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1. Brasil é um país maravilhoso! (Brazil is a wonderful country!)

Who wouldn’t want to hear that you enjoy their country? Appeal to the patriotic side by talking about the thing they probably know best, and in the process, you might even learn some interesting facts about where you are that you hadn’t known about.

2. Quem vai ganhar a copa do mundo? (Who will win the World Cup?)

I expect the answer will be Brazil, but feel free to offer your own thoughts. Brazilians love football, so there’s really no better topic of conversation.

3. Quer dançar comigo? (Would you like to dance with me?)

Break the ice with some nifty footwork. It should be obvious from the many parties, carnivals, and lively music events that the Brazilians love to dance. There’s no better way to make friends than dancing the night away.

4. Como chego à praia? (How do I get to the beach?)

The quintessential places to see in Brazil are generally the beaches, and I doubt you’ll find someone who does not know where the great ones are; better yet, they might even tag along.

5. Se você pudesse escolher um superpoder, você escolheria ser invisível, ou poder voar? (If you could choose one superpower, would you choose being invisible or being able to fly?)

We’ve all thought about it at least once right? Stray away from the cliché questions and throw something unexpected into the mix.

6. Quem projetou esta cidade? Não faz sentido! (Who designed this city? It makes no sense!)

This really depends on which city and your current location within it. Many places, most notably Brasilia, have a rather unusual shape and design to it, a subject I’m sure you can find some aspects to talk about.

While using these conversation starters will get your foot in the door, it’s up to you to do the rest. Don’t fret, we can help you with that, have a look at our Portuguese classes or inquire here, if you think you’re already good enough, take a whirl at our language level test and prove it!

Get started for free! Explore our Free Portuguese Trial Classes.