10 Things to Pack for Your Business Trip to India

If you are planning your first business trip to India, a plethora of colour, culture, fabulous food and innovative business people awaits you. You will already have ensured that your passport is up to date and your visa has been processed and, like any other business trip, you will need to pack your personal essentials, medication and all documents. Here are a few extra items to make your stay in this wonderfully vibrant country a bit more comfortable.

Photo by Adrian Wranik

Photo by Adrian Wranik

1. Malaria Tablets and Mosquito Spray

Unless you are one of the lucky few, you will need to make sure that you cover up well and         protect yourself from those pesky mosquitos. Talk to your doctor to get malaria tablets and necessary vaccinations before you go.

2. Sun Tan Lotion and Sunglasses

Temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees in some parts of India. Whilst you may be inside for most of your business trip, you won’t want to get sunburnt once you do go outdoors. Prepare yourself with sun-tan lotion and glasses for those opportune moments you get at the hotel pool!

3. Loose Fitting Clothing: Shirts/Blouses/Dresses

Loose fitting clothing with keep you cool in the hot weather while long sleeved shirts will help protect you against mosquitos at night.

4. Cardigan/Light Jacket

Whilst temperatures can soar outside, most offices will have air conditioning that can bring a chill to the air during meetings. Layering your clothing is the best bet.

Photo by Simon Steinberger

Photo by Simon Steinberger

5. Sturdy Shoes

Roads and pathways can be very uneven and bumpy, so it is best to leave the flip-flops at home and wear comfortable shoes that will protect your feet.

6. Adaptors for Electrical Items

Your hotel will most likely have a hairdryer and an iron but remember to take adapters and any cables for your phone, laptop and electrical items.

7. Small Toiletry Bag

If you are heading straight to the office from your flight or are planning long days at the office, it may be an idea to take a small collection of toiletries in your travel bag to keep you fresh throughout the day.

8. Credit Card

Whilst you will probably be accompanied on your travels by a business colleague, you may want to get out and about to do a little shopping or try out local restaurants. It is advisable to use credit cards rather than carrying a lot of cash on you, but make sure you have some small change for tipping.

9. Travel Guide

It would be a shame to travel a long way without seeing any of this beautiful country. If you know you will have spare time on your hands, plan a few trips in advance to make the most out of your visit.

Photo by Simon Steinberger

Photo by Simon Steinberger

10. A Selection of Snacks, such as Cereal bars, Snacks and Tea

Your hotel will have a selection of western style food , if you cannot stomach a lot of spicy food but it may be handy to take a few of your favourite snacks with you for when you are out and about and do not fancy the local offerings. Make sure you make diarrhoea solutions in the case of any stomach upsets.

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