Chile on a Budget: 6 Hostels for Your Upcoming Trip

Chile is a beautiful country that seems to offer a little bit of something for everyone. In cosmopolitan Santiago you can enjoy 5-star meals and world-class shopping, while in the mystical Atacama Desert you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a whole other planet. That’s not to mention the beaches, the snow-covered mountains, and the colonial towns that you’ll find in other areas of the country.

Fortunately, just about anywhere you travel in Chile you’ll find budget accommodations. Here are 6 recommended spots to consider if you’ve got an (affordable!) Chilean vacation on your bucket list for 2015.


Chile flags in Puerto Montt by Mark Scott Johnson

H Rado Hostel in Santiago

This centrally located hostel is clean, spacious, and modern. The rooftop lounge offers awesome views of the city and is a great place to hang out and make new friends or just do some guide book reading. You’ll enjoy the game and TV room, especially if the rain keeps you from going out one night.

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Che Lagarto Hostel & Suites in Santiago

Free WiFi and breakfast are two of the biggest perks Che Lagarto offers its guests. This fairly new hostel also has suites for rent, which is perfect for traveling couples or backpacking families. This is a hostel chain with locations in 5 South American countries, so be sure to check them out if you’ll be doing some border crossing during your trip!

Hostal Patio Europeo in Santiago

Located in the charming Providencia district, Hostal Patio Europeo has a sweet B&B feel to it that you’re sure to appreciate. There are lots of restaurants and shops within walking distance, and you’ll leave with a full belly each morning after the generous breakfast is served.


Night view of the center of Santiago by Javmoraga

Casa Volante Hostel in Valparaiso

Nestled into one of the vertical streets of the city, Casa Volante has an eclectic, yet homey feel that will inspire the artist in you. Meet other travelers at the weekly asado (cookout) and be sure to check out all the street artwork throughout the area.

Mamatierra Hostel in San Pedro de Atacama

Among the luxury spas and resorts, the modest Mamatierra offers everything you need for a good night’s sleep in San Pedro de Atacama. The friendly staff can get you a fair price on tours and will send you with a to-go breakfast when you leave at the break of dawn to catch your ride out into the desert.

Hostal Cepa Noble in Santa Cruz

The hostal plays up its location in the popular winery region of Santa Cruz and sells a variety of wines at the front desk (so naturally I’m a fan of the place). A lovely yard, lounge area, and pool set the scene for a quiet evening in, though make sure you don’t miss the chance to walk around the residential area and admire the beautiful neighborhood homes.

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