6 Engaging Greek Podcasts for All Levels

If you are learning Greek and you’re wondering what you can do to boost your listening skills, we’ve got the answer.

It’s no secret that the writing system of the Greek language can give learners a bit of a headache. Luckily, there is one way you can take a break from strange symbols and learn Greek in a fun and engaging way.

Yes, we are talking about Greek podcasts.

Greek podcasts are the best companions for students because, by listening to your favourite shows, you don’t only get to boost your language skills—you also become aware of interesting aspects of a culture, such as what makes Greek people laugh, or what kind of phrases they use to greet one another.

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That is why, today, we are bringing you the best Greek podcasts to improve your listening abilities.

Greek Podcasts for Beginners

WeeGreek: Weekly News and Short Articles in Easy and Simple Greek!

The WeeGreek Podcast by Alcibiades is an essential resource for all of those people who want to learn Greek from a cultural perspective. On this platform, you will find audio clips with short stories and news from Greece and all over the world conveyed in simple vocabulary. Every month, Alcibiades posts a new free story in 2 different levels, beginner and intermediate, and he also provides the English translation for those who are really just starting.

Do you want access to all of Alicibiades’ stories? Would you like to download transcripts, translation, vocabulary flashcards and quiz sets? Support him on Patreon and get these and more benefits!

Learn Greek With LinguaBoost: Short Greek Lessons on the Go!

LinguaBoost podcasts have an interesting motto: Learn Greek wherever you are. Whether you are at home, at work, at the gym, or in the car, this comprehensive audio course for beginners is a great companion if you want to become fluent in Greek.

What is the focus of LinguaBoost’s Greek podcast? Conversational skills. The series is divided into 30 practical classes which contain useful, everyday expressions related to a specific topic or linguistic situation.

With LinguaBoost, you will:

  • Learn Greek in short bursts on a daily basis (each lesson is around 12 minutes long).
  • Learn new expressions in context.
  • Focus on high-frequency vocabulary.
  • Review what you have learnt at the end of every unit.
  • Listen to native Greek teachers.

Try it now and take your speaking skills to the next level.

Greek Podcasts for Intermediate Learners

Learning Greek Podcasts from the Hellenic American Union

If you learnt French or German as a foreign language at school, you probably had one of those textbooks with teenagers on the cover in which you followed a group of characters through different language-learning adventures. The Hellenic American Union has put together a very modern version of the classical character-driven language course in which you get to follow the daily activities of a group of young people in Greece.

The great thing about this podcast is that it doesn’t just teach you to ask for a cup of coffee or enquire about the price of a clothing item. It’s much more specific than that, with lessons covering topics as diverse as getting a new passport, requesting sick leave, looking for a new job, or moving house.

Do you need extra help to understand what these youngsters are saying? Just activate Xenophon, a funny character who helps learners incorporate key and difficult vocabulary.

Spyros Margaritis’ Podcast – Conversations in Greek with Awesome Guests

Do you want to learn Greek in a more relaxed way? Then Spyros Margaritis’ Greek podcast might be what you’re looking for. Every week, he has a conversation with TV celebrities, influencers, scientists, sportspeople and food experts.

In the latest episode, for example, Margaritis interviews Dimitris Christoforidis, a stand-up comedian and writer who discusses the social implications of dealing with the pandemic, the relationship between stand-up writing and politics, and why his friends tell him he’s sour.

This is the perfect podcast for those who are already taking a Greek course and want some extra exposure to the language through real-life conversations.

Greek Podcasts for Advanced Learners

ΜΑΡΜΕΛΑΔΑ ΦΡΑΟΥΛΑ: Strawberry Jam Haris & Darzanos Steios Anatolitis’ Comedy Show

Strawberry Jam Haris and Darzanos Stelios Anatolitis are two brilliant and hilarious Greek stand-up comedians who discuss weird Wikipedia articles, how they waste their life on Netflix, and “the hardships, softships and starships” of being alive.

One of the funniest Greek podcasts out there, Haris and Anatolitis’ show also provides lots of exposure to the Greek language. But, instead of following the structure of an interview, every episode is an unstructured chat in which the hosts do a lot of improvisation and a lot (a lot!) of jokes, making it the right fit for advanced students who can follow an unscripted exchange.

To Εξωφρενικά Σημαντικό Πόντκαστ: The Outrageously Important Podcast

Makis Papasimakopoulos triumphs in the world of Greek podcasts with this news show in which he discusses “political developments, sports deviations, and artistic concerns” with the contributions of “shocked guests who were forced to participate in the show”.

Just to give you an idea of how varied this guy’s interests are, here are the titles of some of the best episodes in the series:

“Meet the party that is gaining traction among right-wing voters”

“The Grand Theft Auto 6 is out at last!”

“In 5 years from now we will all be fried: who is to blame for forest fires?”

“The story of how I paid 80€ to get a personalised message-video by Lorenzo Lamas”

If this is not a versatile podcast host, we don’t know who is!

So, which of these awesome Greek podcasts will you start with? Will you go for the more traditional audio course or do you prefer to boost your listening skills by listening to a comedy show?

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Just one thing, though podcasts are a great tool to polish your linguistic skills, they won’t be enough to get you ready to get by in Greece. The best thing you can do while you look for the best podcast is taking a few lessons with a native Greek teacher who can actually get you using all the Greek you know. At Language Trainers, we offer both online and in-person language courses for learners of all ages and levels. Reach out to us now and get your first class for free, no strings attached!