Long Work Week? Germany’s Top Ten Weekend Get-Aways

Image 6German tourists are everywhere: I very much doubt you’ve gone on holiday and not once bumped into a fellow traveller from Deutschland. They like the world and they’re darn good at seeing all of it. So where, then, do these eagerly curious minds go when time is a constraint? Where are the best places to disappear for a couple of days.

1. Rügen is an island in the Baltic Sea, and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. With many seaside resorts and getaways, long sandy beaches, cliffs, lagoons and a UNESCO World Heritage Park, it’s easy to see why.

2. Hiking in Bavaria. That iconic mountain range known as the Alps stretches into Germany, and in Bavaria there are a multitude of hikes and walks that provide some incredible views.

3. From mountains to the sea, another popular getaway is to the coast of the Baltic Sea, which provides sandy white beaches, World Heritage towns and magnificent natural scenery.

4. The Black Forest is situated in the southern region of Baden-Württemburg. Featuring many small, picturesque towns, beautiful landscapes, mountains and waterfalls.

5. Nordfriesland is at the very north of the country, looking out over the North Sea. It’s filled with marshlands and long, flat beaches.

Image 8

6. If theme parks are you sort of thing, there’s Europa-Park opened in 1975, it’s now the third most popular theme park in Europe with fifteen different areas, eleven roller coasters and much more.

7. The Weser Uplands-Schaumburg-Hamelin Nature Park and the Solling-Volger Nature Park are both attractive options nestled down in lower Germany, with castles, wildlife, rivers and plant life.

8. The North Frisian and East Frisian Islands are scattered about and offer a range of options, with gloriously long beaches and unique natural surroundings, great accommodation and top-class cuisine.

9. Heidelberg is a small city of under 150 thousand people, but it contains a very picturesque cityscape, castles, a baroque style Old Town, and one of the countries most well-known Universities.

10. The exceeding popular Neushwanstein castle was built 1869 in Schwangau. It was designed to be a personal refuge for Ludwig II of Bavaria, but after his death in 1886, it was opened to the public; since then over 60 million people have visited it, in summer more than 6 thousand per day.

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