Open Dictionary provides a more ‘official’ alternative to Urban Dictionary

open-dictionary1-150x150.jpgEvery now and again I come across a word (usually online) that I’m not 100% sure of.  If it seems like a ‘legitimate’ word, I’ll look it up on, or OneLook (which searches multiple online dictionaries).  If it seems like new slang or a buzzword I’ve never heard of, I’ll usually go to Urban Dictionary.

The only problem I find with Urban Dictionary (besides that occasionally I find out about fairly disturbing words and concepts) is that it relies completely on user submissions.  While this keeps it really up-to-date, and people can vote submissions up or down, it means that you might not get very reliable (or well-written) information.

MacMillan Dictionary has come up with a pretty good midway point between an official online dictionary, and a user-submission based one.  Open Dictionary takes user submissions, but they are vetted and approved by MacMillan before they are published online.  At the moment there aren’t too many submissions, but I feel like that won’t last too long.  To find out what words like tweath and glamping mean, check it out.