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Heew has long held an important role in the global spectrum. Around 8.3 million Israeli citizens live aoad, meaning the Heew language can be heard all across the world. Whether you plan on communicating with your local Heew speakers or traveling aoad, knowing Heew can create wonderful opportunities for business people, students, and travellers alike.

Language Trainers organizes Hebrew courses in almost any destination!

All classes are taught by qualified, native speaker Hebrew trainers and can be arranged at your office or home for any day of the week (including weekends) in the morning, afternoon or evening.

WHY do people speak HEBREW?
Connect with friends and family
Religious reasons
HEBREW is spoken in ISRAEL HEBREW is spoken in POLAND
THINGS which English speakers find EASY/DIFFICULT
Pronunciation (one you understand the phonetic values)
Hard to process the written characters Subtle differences in verb forms Expansive vocabulary
NUMBER of HOURS needed to reach a certain level
80 Hours
250 Hours
500 Hours

גבר שיוצא עם בחורה מציע לה נישואין. היא מסכימה ואומרת לו: "אחרי שנתחתן יהיו לנו 3 ילדים" אז הגבר שואל אותה: "למה דווקא 3?" עונה לו האישה: "כי הם עכשיו אצל אמא שלי".

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“בחן את העברית שלך”...

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Need to brush up on your Hebrew before starting your new job or going back to school?
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After the first lesson or two, our team will contact you to ensure you are happy with your trainer. If necessary, we will change the focus of the course to better suit your needs.
After finishing your course, we will send you a course attendance and completion certificate..
Our team will provide you with follow-up learning opportunities, including: self study material, language courses in Hebrew-speaking countries, and more advanced courses with Language Trainers.
*Deposit payable by check, credit card, wire transfer, or PayPal. Your quote will include the number of classes and cost. A typical course lasts 30 hours per level, with classes of 2 hours each.

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”I am very much enjoying my Hebrew lessons with Miriam.”

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”Rachmiel was of great help. I've learned a lot from him! I am very grateful to the Language Trainers team for their help and oversight of my lessons.”

Jane Eleini Hebrew course in

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