Assess your foreign language skills by taking one of our tests. Whether you want to gauge your ability before enrolling in one of our courses or would like to measure your progress, our language tests are intuitive and results are instantaneous.

Beginning a test is easy. Simply select your language of choice below, followed by the type of exam you wish to take. Finally, click “Take Test!” and it will open.

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Level Test Take Test!
The Language Trainers Level Test is a series of multiple-choice questions which assess your vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure. The tests present multiple-choice questions in batches and each will test your skills to an increasingly higher level. There is a maximum of 70 questions, delivered in batches of 10, but you can answer fewer if you prefer.
Listening Test Take Test!
Similarly, the Listening Tests will examine your ability to understand native speakers. By default, the elementary-level test will open. But perhaps you think you’re ready to try the intermediate assessment? If so, simply follow the link in the instructions before beginning the quiz. Both tests consist of a series of audio files either describing something or acting out a scenario. You must then select the appropriate answers from the multiple-choice options available. The elementary level consists of a wider variety of subjects and scenarios. However, the intermediate test goes into greater detail, covering more complicated subjects and situations.
Reading Test Take Test!
We are currently designing Reading Tests for each of the listed languages. Check back regularly or follow us on social media to learn when these tests are available.



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Upon completion of a test, we will immediately assess your language skills according to a general proficiency scale. You can read more about the language fluency of each level here. Furthermore, we designed our proficiency scale to equivocate with the International Second Language Proficiency Ratings (ISLPR), Australia and New Zealand’s most recognised language accreditation. Thus, your results will be a good indicator of the ISLPR proficiency you could expect if you took the test.