6 Ways to Make Any Trip More Memorable

When it comes to travel, there’s generally a lot of preparation that’s necessary to complete beforehand. You need to make reservations and purchases, find things to do and see, research several items on your to-do list, and – of course – try to have the best trip possible. With all that there is to do, it’s so easy to get swept up in planning that you forget to actually enjoy your trip.

But, what if there were ways that you could actually make your trip more enjoyable? Obviously, we’re all very busy, but that’s all the more reason to sit back, relax, and really enjoy the socks off of our next trip. Here are six ways that you can make any trip more memorable, distinct, and enjoyable!

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Designate one special aspect of your trip to yourself, regardless of logistic restraints

Sometimes, we all need a “treat yoself” moment. For your next trip or vacation, try to designate a small treat for yourself – whether it be a dinner out, a day trip somewhere, or even just ice cream after a long walk. Giving yourself a nice treat (that’s within reason) can go a long way toward having a more memorable time.

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Buy yourself one small, thoughtful souvenir

Too busy buying gifts for everyone else under the sun? Perhaps it’s time to buy something nice and small for yourself. Like with your treat to yourself, your souvenir doesn’t have to be big, expensive, or grandiose. It’s just to serve as a reminder of your great time abroad. Don’t forget to obtain something memorable for yourself.

Try to balance “touristy” activities with local ones

While this is actually much harder than it sounds sometimes (especially depending on where you are in the world), try your best to strike a healthy balance between overly touristy things and more of the local enjoyments. Though it can sometimes be challenging to actually find local places and activities, consider travelling a bit off the beaten path (if it’s safe to do so), speak a little of the local language, and see where the locals recommend. Sometimes leaving your hostel or AirBnB and not knowing where the adventure will take you is the best way to make a memorable experience.

Create a special music playlist specifically for your trip

Music, you say? Music is one of those amazing human experiences that has the power to transform normal activities into forever memories by the influence of the tune. Before you leave on your next trip, create a playlist to listen to that’s specific for that trip. While you’re travelling around and enjoying yourself, listen to that music. Then, whenever you hear those songs again, you might find yourself being reminded of the amazing experiences you’ve had.

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Read a book (fiction or nonfiction) closely related to the place you’re visiting

If you really have time before your trip, grab a classic or new bestseller that’s closely related to your destination, activities, or interests. You will be amazed by how wonderful it feels to be reading about a culture or story or place while you’re experiencing it in the flesh. While this option takes a little more prep than, say, buying a souvenir, it’s definitely worth the time investment.

Research the history and interesting facts beforehand

Obviously, this is likely already a part of your research before a trip, but try to really dive deep into the history of the cities and places you’re visiting (especially if this interests you) before getting there. There’s nothing worse than experiencing a wonderful panorama of splendour while wishing you knew what you were looking at.

How do you make your trips more memorable? Please share with us in the comments!