8 Films that Will Inspire You to Learn French

Movies are a great, and fun, language learning tool, but sometimes they can serve as inspiration to decide to learn a tongue in the first place! Watching films in a foreign language can push you out of your comfort zone, help you see the world in a new way, spark your imagination, and so much more. What’s great about watching movies in another tongue is that it gives you a flavour for the language and helps you set goals to work towards. So, if you’re thinking of giving French a try but aren’t quite sure if you want to take the language leap, check out these 8 fantastic films (most are available on Netflix) which will surely inspire you to take up French right away!

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1. Romantics Anonymous

Romantics Anonymous is one of my favourite feel-good romantic French films. It has a little bit of everything: decadent chocolate making, awkward first dates, and eventual true love. What could possibly go wrong when two shy chocolatiers get together to make magic?

2. Populaire

If you think there’s a vintage look to this film, you’re right, because it’s set in the 1950s! Populaire tells the tale of a man who takes a young village girl under his wing in hopes of turning her into the fastest typist in the world. Since typing competitions were in fashion in France in the 50s, the film isn’t too far off the reality mark, and the bright and colourful cinematography makes it a definite win!

3. The Brand New Testament

If you’re looking for a movie with a bit more comedic relief AND an interesting message, look no further than The Brand New Testament. In this quirky, off-kilter film God lives in Brussels and has a daughter no one has ever heard of. When this girl sets off to explore the world for herself hilarity, mixed with just the right amount of tragedy, ensues.

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4. The Intouchables

If you haven’t seen The Intouchables yet, then you’ve got some serious Netflixing to do! Inspired by a true story, The Intouchables is about the bond that develops between a quadriplegic and his carer-a young man who hails from the wrong side of the tracks. This beautiful film may tug at your heartstrings and perhaps make you tear up a couple times, but it will definitely leave you wanting to watch it again and again!

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5. The Women On The 6th Floor

The Women On The 6th Floor is a charming mix of French and Spanish, which is one of the reasons why I love this film so much. There’s so many other things to love about it too; it’s whimsical and charming in a way that captures your heart. It also deals with sobering topics such as the pitfalls of a social class system and how we treat workers and immigrants from other countries.

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6. Amélie

No list of inspiring French films would be complete without at least one mention of the quirky and enigmatic movie Amélie, right? If there ever were a movie that would make you want to learn French, this should be it. Experience life as seen through the eyes of the bewitching lead character, Amélie. There’s humour, love, revenge, and a travelling gnome thrown in for good measure. This one’s sure to make you smile!

7. Prete-Moi Ta Main

Every now and then it’s fun to kick back with a romantic comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and Prete-Moi Ta Main is exactly that. How do you make your mom and sisters stop nagging you about getting married? Bring home the fiancée from hell. This makes for easy watching, and easy language practice too!

8. The Heartbreaker

I’ll admit I’m a complete sucker for anything with Romain Duris in it – heck, I’d watch the man if he was cast as a lamppost!  Luckily, Duris’ role in The Heartbreaker is a lot more nuanced than that; he plays a man who is paid well to break up relationships. Apparently this tells the tale of what happens if your parent is the opposite of the mother in Prete-Moi Ta Main and doesn’t want you to get married – at least not to the wrong guy! You probably have a fairly good idea of how this film will end, but it’s a whole lot of fun watching the two leads get there!

Do you have any French film favorites that have inspired your love for the French language? Share them with us!