Buffyspeak and Slayer Slang

buffy4-150x150.jpgI was a teenager in the ’90s and a fairly significant part of that was Joss Whedon’s 7-season saga, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So when I saw that the PBS word-tracking site* had a whole category dedicated to slang coined on Buffy (Buffy Slang), I had to check it out. The site has first and notable instances of slang words, and quite a few of them were first used on Buffy. One of the great things about language is that even if we are hearing a word for the first time, we can piece together the meaning through context, and so get to ‘know’ a word. Teenagers adopt the words, and they become part of a wider lexicon. Even I didn’t know that genius as an adjective started with Buffy. So did saying adjective (or verb) + much? – e.g. random, much?. Obviously some of the slang has remained in the ’90s, but it’s really interesting to see how some of it still remains (or is it just me?).

The topic is so big that there’s even a book about it, which I will have to check out at some point. Do you use Buffy slang? Or slang from any other TV show?

*I’m still not sure if it’s called Do you speak American?, Words That Shouldn’t Be?, or something else entirely.