Our Top 10 Most Popular Online Language Courses of 2020

2020 is coming to an end. Though many would argue that it is a year to be forgotten, it is always good to look back on things and see what we can learn from them. This is what we do every year at Language Trainers, and we wanted to share our findings with you.

Due to the pandemic, the demand for online language courses skyrocketed this year. Virtual classes provided people with a safe and economical way of continuing learning in a time of sanitary and economic crises. If you would like to join this trend but don’t know how to get started, exploring the most studied languages during the year may give you some inspiration!

10. Portuguese – 3%

Portuguese is our top 10 most studied language this year. With over 270 million speakers spread over the world, Portuguese is a great language to learn. And if you already speak any Romance language, like Spanish, Italian or French, the journey will be much easier for you. Wondering whether to start with Brazilian or European Portuguese? Check out our latest blog post!

9. Japanese – 3.1%

Japanese is one of the hardest languages for English native speakers to learn. So, why are so many people interested in studying it? Well, Japanese is the ninth most spoken language in the world and has around 128 million speakers. Yet, there aren’t many people who can speak it as a second language.

This means that having Japanese on your CV will instantly make you stand out from the crowd when applying for a job. If you would like to start getting ready to apply your Japanese skills on your job, explore these 5 Japanese expressions to know before your trip to Japan!

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And if you just want to learn Japanese for fun, these anime series and J-Pop songs are the best places to get started!

8. Swahili – 3.2%

Though Swahili is not the language we usually have at the top of our minds, it is very useful for anyone planning to travel to Africa. Swahili can be considered the lingua franca of many countries in the African continent since it is widely spoken in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and East Zaire. There are also speakers in Mozambique, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi. The best part is that, if you want to get started with this language, you can do so without much effort. For example, you could rewatch The Lion King and pay special attention to all the words in this language, like Hakuna Matata and Nala, and start memorising them little by little.

7. Italian – 4%

With Italy being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it is only natural that so many people are learning Italian from their homes now. Though it is not possible to travel there at the moment, the quarantine gave many people the opportunity to stay at home and start preparing for their dream trip to Italy.

Start developing your skills in this language by listening to these top 5 family-friendly songs of Italy. Yet, bear in mind that non-verbal communication in Italy is very important. So, if you are planning a trip to this country in the future, you should start getting acquainted with these top 10 Italian hand gestures you will need to use!

6. Korean – 4.1%

With the exponential increase in popularity of K-Pop during the last years, it is no surprise that Korean made it to the podium. Now more than ever, more and more people are studying this language because of cultural reasons. But on top of that, Korea is also a great country to do business. If you want to see why, check out this article explaining how you can boost your profits in Korea!

5. Dutch – 4.3%

Many people are looking to move to the Netherlands for its modern and progressive cities. The work-life balance in this country is great, and it is among the safest in the world. Yet, though most people in the Netherlands speak English pretty well, they are proud of their culture and expect immigrants to learn the local language. So, if you want to impress your Dutch friends with your knowledge of their customs, you can impress your Dutch friends with these can’t-miss songs, movies, and books.

4. English – 4.85%

English is one of the most studied languages in the world, and that shows in our statistics! 4.85% of our students were learning English as a second or foreign language. To do the same and improve your skills, you can begin by taking our FREE English Language Level Test to measure your command of the language. And before getting started, make sure to check out these tips every language learner should know!

3. German – 6.6%

Being the most influential language in Europe, it is no wonder so many people are signing up for our online German classes. This language is the key to a successful career in the old continent. Yet, it may sound too foreign to an English ear. But do not fret. If you want to overcome your fear of German, we have some German learning tips for you!

2. French – 7%

French has always been one of the most studied languages of all times, and that has not changed this year. Whether it is to study or work in France or any other French-speaking country, there are plenty of reasons why one should learn this language. If you have already started and would like to get an official certification of the level you have achieved, explore the most widely recognized French exams here. And if you are interested in learning about the cultural differences between France and English-speaking countries, this article based on the show Emily in Paris will be of great help!

1. Spanish – 8%

Spanish is definitely one of the most studied languages among English speakers, and our records prove it! There are many reasons why it was our most studied language in 2020. Approximately, 477 million people who speak this language natively are spread across the world. This means that, if you want to learn a language for your trips, Spanish is one of your best bets! It is also a great language for professional reasons. Being spoken by over 53 million people in the USA, knowing Spanish will make all the difference if you plan to get a job or expand a business there. You can start your journey with this language with our favourite Spanish podcasts. And if you are a fan of music, we prepared a playlist with Spanish songs you are going to love!

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Others 51.85%

As you can see, our top 10 most studied languages make up 48.15% of our online courses. What does that mean? That people are interested in hundreds of languages, not only the most popular ones. Amharic, Afrikaans, Armenians, Bengali, Basque, and many others are some of the languages our clients learn online.

So, whether you are interested in learning a big language, like Spanish or French, or an exotic one, like Catalan or Urdu, we have a professional native-speaking teacher ready to start helping you boost your language proficiency! Explore our courses and contact us if you would like to learn more.

If you are unsure about which of these languages is right for you, check out our video!