Office Escape: Top 4 Activities for Business Travelers in Buenos Aires

As one of the most populous cities in South America, Buenos Aires will never allow its tourists to run out of things to do.

Each Buenos Aires neighborhood has its own special charm, and enjoying every inch of every area would take years. So where should you start, and what should you do? Check out our top picks for the traveling businessperson, looking to see another side of the city.

1. Spanglish

Spanglish is a program that combines speed dating with language exchange. You will be paired with a native Spanish speaker, with whom you will speak for five minutes in Spanish, and then five minutes in English. Once that round is complete, you switch tables and move onto someone else. After a few rounds there will be a happy hour where you’ll get the chance to maybe catch up a little more with someone you wish you had more time with. All levels are welcome, so don’t worry if you’re still a beginner.

Photo by: Spanglish Exchange

Photo by: Spanglish Exchange

2. Street Art Tour

One of the most unusual characteristics of Buenos Aires is the graffiti and street art. Whereas in most North American cities it is shunned, causing artists to lurk in the shadows, in Buenos Aires it is fully embraced. The Street Art Tour is perhaps comparable to a mural tour in the States, but the art in Buenos Aires is of a higher caliber because there is less bureaucracy allowing artists to express themselves more freely. Artists flock from around the world to paint in Buenos Aires. You can find pieces from such artists as Banksy of the United Kingdom and Blu of Italy. On this tour, you’ll receive a fresh perspective on street art and its value to the city, through the eyes of one of BA’s own resident street artists.

3. Vayable

If you really want to see the city for what it truly is, you will get the best and most uncensored nitty-gritty info from a Vayable tour. During these outings, you have the option of walking through virtually every side of the city that is worth seeing. Notable favorites include the “Footsteps Of The Dictators” tour, which takes you to the clandestine detention centers from the Dirty War that lasted from 1974-1983. This was a very dark time for Argentina’s history and it is difficult to find people willing to discuss it at length. Take note that this tour is not in any way edited down for younger audiences. If you’re interested in a lighter more vacation-esque look at the city, consider the Caballito tour, which takes you through one of the oldest food markets in the country. Whichever you choose, the tour guides –passionate and willing to answer any and all questions– will take good care of you.

4. Buenos Aires Pub Crawl

After a heavy day of touring and practicing Spanish, you might want to go back to your hotel and relax a bit. Don’t! You’ll regret it. The nights/early mornings are when the true Argentine culture comes out. At the Buenos Aires Pub Crawl, you’ll get a chance to discuss everything you’ve learned with a nice mixture of locals and travelers. It runs every single night of the week in Palermo, Recoleta, and San Telmo –the three major tourist-attraction neighborhoods in the city. You’ll pass through bars and pubs, and the night always ends at a nightclub. The best part is you won’t need to worry about snapping photos as you go: a present photographer captures each stop and uploads the photos promptly afterwards to the pub crawl’s facebook.

So take a quick break from those client meetings and business lunches, and check out these four great opportunities to explore the city and meet the locals! As you’re preparing for your trip to Argentina, strengthen your Spanish skills to ensure business (and leisure!) goes smoothly. Impress clients and fellow colleagues with your grasp of the language. Take a free online Spanish level test to see how good your current skills are, and contact Language Trainers for personalized Spanish packages to prepare for your trip!