3 Influential Languages You Should Be Learning

Don’t let the quantity of languages overwhelm you when considering which foreign tongue to study. But if you are learning for business purposes, make sure you choose wisely! Certain languages will be an investment in your future as the global business community begins to encircle and concentrate their international expansion on the following three languages. Study up and add profit to your resumé.


1. Spanish

Hindi and Mandarin may lead the pack with the highest number of speakers, but Spanish reigns king of interational communication. Spanish is one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations and the official language in over 20 countries around the globe. But not only does Spanish reign in high numbers: Hispanic consumers are the fastest growing segment in the United States. With a population now comprising of 35 million in the states, Spanish is now the most widely-studied language…especially when it comes to upping business opportunity in the US.


2. French

If French has lost ground to languages such as English and Spanish, is it no longer a truly viable language to learn? No. It’s still one of our world’s most important languages. As the world’s fifth biggest economy and a top target when it comes to foreign investments, France alone offers a plethora of business and economic opportunities. There are over 200 million French speakers worldwide: learn the language, and you’ll be able to easily do business in flourishing countries like France and Quebec, Canada.

3. Arabic

Arabic may be one of the most difficult languages in the world, but the effort you put in to learning it will pay off…in dollar signs. ARabic is the fifth most-popular native language worldwide, yet with a low supply (and high demand) of Arabic speakers in the West, knowing the language will automatically give you a leg up in the business and government sectors. The Arab world is set to explode economically and many are bracing themselves for the boom in Arabic-speaking countries. Need a bit more to convince you? Consider this: the region has an annual GDP of over 600 billion dollars. Get studying.


Learning to speak a new language is never easy, but the rewards can be huge – especially if you are careful in selecting a particularly influential language. So what are you waiting for? Take a free online language placement test to find out your ideal language level and sign up with a top-tier language training company to give you the knowledge you need to succeed. Whether you decide to study just one, or all three, knowing at least one of these influential languages will change how you do business around the globe!